We are a resource platform that covers a number of things including celebrities, interesting stuffs and the cost of things. We give a detailed and verifiable account of different stories that interest the audience.

Our website is updated each and every time to reflect the currency of the information that it carries. The following are the areas that we concentrate on in a bid to educate our readers.

Interesting Stuffs

In this category, our professional contributors research the internet, discovery journals and other resourceful publications in search of amazing factual stories that will make your head spin. For instance, we look at spectacular landscapes and natural occurring features that few if any of our readers have discovered them.

We also look at behavioral patterns of animals and human beings that are considered strange and interesting. Our aim here is to shed light into the undiscovered territories.

Cost of Things

Many times, our readers are confronted with life related questions such as the cost of various things. Because of lack of a comprehensive documentation, most of these readers end up making uninformed decisions that are costly and destructive.

Our website looks at various commodities and services, examines them in detail and reports through articles on our site. This helps our readers and entire audience.


Despite the glitz and glamour that surrounds the lifestyle of celebrities; there are behind-the-scene stories about their way of life that are interesting. In this site, we particularly concentrate on celebrity surgeries such as Botox treatments, facials, Rhinoplasty, liposuction, eyelid surgery, lip augmentation, breast implants and many other cosmetic procedures.

Our goal is to bring out the success or failure of these operations and the lessons to be learnt from them. We endeavor to give accurate and reliable information so that our readers can benefit and stay informed about what is happening in the lives of their favorite celebrities.

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