News about Anna Faris plastic surgery has been making rounds in the media. The celebrity just like many other Hollywood actresses is believed to have undergone cosmetic procedures to enhance her looks. Celebrity watchers and gossip columnists have argued that Anna Faris decided to go through the surgeon’s scalpel in order to get a stunning and amazing look that would endear her more to her fans and followers.

Looking at Anna Faris current and past photos, you can see a significant difference in her looks. She looks far much better now that she was before undergoing the cosmetic surgeries.

What cosmetic surgeries did Anna Faris secure?Looking at her, you will realize that her appearance has changed considerably. It seems to be a transition from natural beauty to something artificial but when all is said and done she looks better. Some of the cosmetic procedures she underwent are:

Anna Faris breast implants before and after

Her breasts clearly show significant changes. In her before photos, her boobs looked relatively smaller. It seems that Anna Faris was not comfortable with the size and shape of her boobs and opted for a cosmetic procedure to make them fuller and well shaped.

Anna Faris breast implants before after

Anna Faris breast implants before after

After the breast implants, her breasts look much fuller, well sized and perfectly shaped. This makes her sexier and more beautiful something that has boosted her self esteem and confidence. Anna Faris seems to me more comfortable and happy with her new look.

Botox and Silicone Injections

Her face and cheeks are very smooth and shiny. Her skin is also toned and tightened. There are no visible wrinkles on her face or loose skin. This could have been made possible through Botox and Silicone injections. This makes the skin full, fresh and vibrant.


Most celebrities opt for Rhinoplasty in order to align their noses with the rest of the facial features. The structure and form of your nose can determine how your overall look will be. This is one of the reasons why Rhinoplasty is very common among celebrities. Looking at Anna Faris nose in her before and after photos, you will see some notable differences. Her nose now appears narrower and sharper than it used to be.

Anna Faris plastic surgery photo

Anna Faris plastic surgery photo

Chin Implants

Having a full and shiny chin at her age is not all about exercise and diet. This has led many to believe that she went under the surgeon’s knife for chin implants. This has changed her chin shape for the better.

Brow lift At her age, one would expect to see sagging and loose skinned brow. However, the celebrity must have procured cosmetic procedures to make her brow look appealing and give her another lease of life. A look at her recent photos shows that her brow lift is slightly higher than it was before. The shape of the brow also shows that some modifications were made.

The surgical procedures left Anna Faris looking rather plastic and out of touch with her old looks. Though this is the case, the celebrity looks much better and she seems more comfortable with her new looks. It can thus be said that Anna Faris plastic surgery went her way.

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