Aubrey O’Day plastic surgery ordeal is arguably one among the latest celebrity gossips that has attracted lots of media attention.

Looking at her breasts, you can tell without much hesitation that one of them appears higher that the other. This coupled with the noticeable increase in cup size has led to many pundits doubting her recent denial about undergoing any plastic surgical procedures.

The question that lingers in the minds of many of her fans and celebrity watchers concerns her new look which is characterized by fuller lips, bigger bust, youthful face and narrower nose. Did she lie about her plastic surgery?

Tongues are wagging all around Hollywood with some jokingly saying that her case could be the result of some sort of delayed and miraculous puberty that seems eternal.

Aubrey O’Day Breast Augmentation

Aubrey O'Day breast implants before and after

Aubrey O’Day breast implants before and after

Aubrey seems to have kept her secret under lock and key but previous pictures reveal how petite-sized her breasts were. Much has however changed now as the celebrity has cup size D and a full grown bust. Looking at the breast size and overall appearance of Aubrey O’Day in “Making the Band 3” and “All About Aubrey” reality TV series, reveals two distinct individuals separated by the surgeon’s scalpel.

Facial Work

Aubrey O'day Facial Work

Aubrey O’day Facial Work

If you ever thought that Aubrey O’Day Plastic Surgery ended with her breast implant, you are absolutely wrong. The celebrity now has generous lips that have effectively replaced her small sized ones that used to define her facials some years back. There have also been rumors about her cheeks and the possibility of filler injections. The nose job and her eyebrow clearly reveal some surgical traces.

Butt Augmentation

From the moment she appeared on Complex magazine in 2008, there have been rumors concerning her butt implants. Sources close to her however attribute her round, tight and firm buns to gym work out. So true to be believed!

Aubrey O'Day Plastic Surgery

Aubrey O’Day Plastic Surgery

Aubrey O’Day Dental Work

Aubrey O’Day’s pearly white teeth have not been spared either in the celebrity gossip columns. Her before and after smiles show some disconnect leading to many people attributing her new dental look to plastic surgery. Get a copy of ‘Making the Band 3’ series and compare those smiles with what she’s got now.

Aubrey O’Day personal position on the plastic surgery allegations

Just like the other celebrities who have once been rumored to have faced the surgeon’s scalpel, Aubrey O’Day has denied any involvement in cosmetic surgery. She instead attributes her improved looks to the treadmill and make-ups. Her celebrity run has put her in the spotlight leading to frequent allegations concerning her general appearance.

The bottom line however is the fact that her fans love her and have not found a reason to begrudge her hot surgical looks.

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