Axl Rose plastic surgery could not have been concealed bearing in mind that the celebrity has had such a huge followership of both fans and critics.

His success in music as a career has endeared him to his fans thereby making his life intertwined with that of his followers. For some time, Axl Rose disappeared without anything about him being reported or screened. Later he reappeared in 2006 much to the surprise of his fans to whom he looked strange. His looks were particularly altered through plastic surgery making most people to question whether it was necessary to go through such operations.

The reasons behind his plastic surgery were not very apparent to his fans. Many of them couldn’t understand why the singer decided to alter his looks despite the fact that he had a beautiful and attractive personality around him.

Some of the surgical procedures Axl Rose underwent-

Botox Injections

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

Axl Rose plastic surgery before and after

Age catches up with all of us and at some point our bodies give in to the fact that we are advancing in years. Celebrities usually fear such periods because of the fact that they may lose their fame and grasp on the industry popularity. Some of them go to all extents to have their youthful features reenacted. Axl Rose was one of them. He underwent Botox operations to change the hands of the clock as far as his aging was concerned. Looking at his before and after photos, you can easily tell that there is much of a difference in appearance. The wrinkles that characterize people at his age are absent. Rather his face is smooth, cheerful and full of life.

This youthful appearance has caused his critics, fans and celebrity watchers to conclude that the celebrity must have undergone Botox operations. The face is unusually tighter with the frown lines totally eliminated.

Facial Fillers

Axl Rose cheek implants and facelift

Cheek implants and facelift

Botox injections usually go hand in hand with facial fillers. What the filers do is that they make the face appear smooth and tight as a result of chemicals that are injected under the skin. This is also an attempt to fight off the aging process. Axl Rose is said to have gone through this process. Because of the skill and expertise of the person who did it to him, the entire procedure didn’t go well. It is actually classified as a bad example of plastic surgery. Some of the facial fillers can be reactive to the skin and cause other complications if not mixed in the right proportions.


The nose has been one of the issues that Axl Rose has suffered from. He has always complained of having a wide nose that is not compatible with other facial features. In an attempt to streamline his nasal organ, Rhinoplasty became the best option for him. Looking at his nose today, you will see it somehow narrow and sharper compared to his old self. The nostrils are also smaller and the tip refined in a way that looks unnatural.

Unlike other celebrities, Axl Rose has admitted that he underwent surgical procedures. Overall opinion has it that Axl Rose Plastic Surgery was a failure. His face became unnatural and appeared frozen. The entire process therefore was not successful.

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