The social media has now become one of the best platforms of revealing the private life of celebrities; with the current hitting topic being about celebrities’ plastic surgeries. And Bar Refaeli plastic surgery has not been an exemption.

The Israel’s super model has been in the spotlight after several social media sites exposed the different plastic surgeries she might have done. These was just few day after she posted some of her latest photos on instagram, which a number of social medial enthusiasts used to compare with her previous looks and thus came with the allegations.

The 29-year old lady took many people by surprise when she posted her latest photos on instagram, from which they stated to draw the different speculation. Bar Refaeli, is a famous Israel fashion model and a business person. She is a celebrity who has led different campaigns such as equality among people of different sexual orientation and also featured in different films and movies. She has also headed other campaigns advocating for environmental conservation (one plastic bag less): a campaign that was meant to reduce significantly the use of paper bags.

Bar Refaeli

From her photos on the instagram, it was very easy to see the difference between her facial appearance and her current look. Her face, nose and breast are some of the body parts that she is alleged to have combined with the surgery.

The breast implants, from after the surgery photo, Bar is seen to have slightly bigger and more round breasts. The implant is done by celebrities or other ladies who are interested in having bigger, firm and more round breasts.

Although it is not clear, nose job has been one of the trending topics about Bar Refaeli plastic surgery. It requires an expert to clearly tell between the different sizes of the nose. According to a certain source, the size of her nose after the plastic surgery looks thinner and smaller than before.

Bar Rafaeli nose job before after

Bar Rafaeli nose job before after

The third part that she has had a plastic surgery is her face. A method is called a vampires facelift. This is a type of surgery that the plastic surgeon uses ones blood to injects on the face. It is a procedure that is used to remove the wrinkles on the face hence make one look younger. Among the three body parts she is speculated to have plastic surgery, the face and breasts can be spotted easily.

However, despite the hit about her plastic surgery on many social sites, Bar Refaeli has not yet gone public to accept or deny these allegations. The super model has remained quiet on any questions that may tend to go beyond her private life. And due to lack of clear conformation, the debate on whether he has done plastic surgery has really led to diverging opinions.

Bar Refaeli plastic surgery

There are those in the favor for the surgery saying it made her look more beautiful while others saying her natural beauty was just enough. But whether she did it or not, there is nothing wrong with it. Plastic surgery iand medical procedure that is increasingly getting embraced by many people and especially celebrities.

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