Barbara Walters plastic surgery cannot pass unnoticed. The day time television anchor has in the recent past aroused curiosity among her fans from the way she looks. She appears much younger although for a fact, age has caught up with her. This is the reason why celebrity watchers and gossip columnists have started speculations that she could have been a possible candidate for a cosmetic surgical operation. It is expected that being in the public arena, some celebrities would yield to the pressure thereby forcing them to change their looks through surgical operations.

If you are keen enough to compare her before and after photos, you may conclude just as many have that the celebrity went under the knife. There are a number of notable procedures that the celebrity could have procured. Some of them are discussed below:

Eyelid Surgery

Looking at her eyes, you can tell that something is amiss. The natural look and glare has been replaced by a slightly artificial appearance.

Barbara Walters plastic surgery before and after

Barbara Walters plastic surgery before and after

Barbara Walters’ age mates would have eye bags and drooping skin both on the upper and the lower eyelids. Looking at Barbara however, that seems not to be the case. Is she aging slower than the rest? This could not be a possibility because at her age, even a slow aging process would still have yielded some aging effects. The absence of loose skin around her eyes and the sharpness of her optical features point towards Blepharoplasty or what is commonly referred to as eyelid surgery.

Neck Lift

Very few celebrities usually go to the extent of having a neck lift. For Barbara Walters, this was the least of her concerns. She needed to look good and young at whatever cost. If you clearly observe the region around her neck, you will notice that it is nice and firm. Many people would have some fat accumulated around the neck but for her case it looks lean and healthy. A diet would have been a close excuse but according to nutritionist, there is no diet that can completely eliminate the signs of aging around the neck other than a neck lift.

Barbara Walters plastic surgery photo

Barbara Walters plastic surgery photo

Forehead Lift

This is specialized type of a Botox that targets the forehead. Most of the time people who have gone through this kind of cosmetic procedure appear lean and smooth on the face. This is the same case with Barbara Walters. Her face is amazingly smooth putting her appearance in question. Through the injection of some collagen substances, the wrinkles and stress lines which are usually common with people at her age are completely eliminated. While it may not work with others, for this celebrity, it is clear that the operation did her well. She looks young and sweet at her age.


Aside for her forehead, the celebrity appears to have had a comprehensive facial procedure. Looking at her face now, she looks bright and youthful. He face neither has wrinkles nor frown lines and she seems to have gotten a new lease of life.

Barbara Walters plastic surgery can be said to be a successful case and one that is worth writing about.

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