Barry Manilow plastic surgery is one amongst the many cosmetic procedures that have raised eyebrows in the celebrity scene.

Many people know Barry as a singer whose songs are attractive and sentimental. Because of this publicity many people has been following up on his life and whatever it is that he engages in. The latest story about his surgery has made headlines in various forums, tabloids and blogs.

Just like any other celebrity, Barry Manilow felt the pressure to go through certain procedures that would make him attractive and relevant to the music industry. For some reason, his followers have always wanted him young, energetic and attractive.

Plastic surgery procedures undertaken:

By observing before and after photos, there are various surgical procedures that can be recognized.

Eyelid Surgery

Barry Manilow plastic surgery photos

Barry Manilow plastic surgery pic

This is one of the outstanding surgical operations that Barry Manilow procured. Looking at his eyes, you can see clearly that the bags and sags are no longer present. At his age, there are lots of expectations that his fans have on him including his physical aging attributes.

However, his eyes look sharp and alert more than they should. A number of celebrities have opted for eyelid cosmetic procedures so as to reverse the effects of aging. This is because the eyes happen to be the first areas that show that aging is taking a toll on an individual.


The youthful looking skin of Barry Manilow has pointed towards a skin procedure that was aimed at removing wrinkles and sagging skin. This was achieved through the use of fillers that stretched the skin and made it look tight. The reason why this operation is preferred amongst celebrities is that it acts as a gateway to youthfulness without much of a struggle.

Barry Manilow plastic surgery photos

Barry Manilow plastic surgery photos

The dangers however are that some of the chemicals used if not balanced well, can overstretch the skin thereby damaging it. This procedure like many other surgical operations is not reversible and the individual may have to live with it.


It is commonly said that our faces are the expression with which we face the world. Barry Manilow knew exactly that the look on his face would determine whether he still succeeds in his career or pulls out. The reason behind the facelift surgery that he is rumored to have undergone was to brighten his facial appearance making him look young and attractive.

Looking at his face, you can tell with certainty that certain aging attributes are absent from it. This surgery has also been a favorite of many celebrities.

Cheek Implants

The turgidity and fullness of his cheeks is evident that he procured cheek implants. Usually fillers are injected into the cheeks so as to make them smooth and shiny.

While many celebrities succeed in this, others fail terribly raising the question as to whether such operations are viable to all people or they are only for certain individuals.

Looking at Barry Manilow plastic surgery, one can see the bright side of a well done plastic procedure. It has served to reinvent him and this has made tremendous impacts on his career.

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