Bipasha Basu plastic surgery is just one of the many cases that show even Bollywood actresses have taken to cosmetic procedures. There are rumors left right and center of celebrities of the Indian cinema that are resorting to plastic surgeries of every kind. The reason behind these surgeries is the enhancement of looks and sustainability of their careers. Celebrity watchers and fans were equally shocked when they realized that Bipasha Basu had changed from the face to the nose to the breasts.

Why the plastic surgery rumors

Those who knew Bipasha Basu from the beginning would tell you without a single doubt that she looked different from the way she is now. Her nose was not as refined and her chest was small. Looking at her now, you will see lots of changes from her face that is smooth and glowing without even a single trace of wrinkles to her nose that is sharp and refined to her breasts that appear large now than they were previously. All these observations have led to speculations of cosmetic surgical procedures. The change in looks got her the attention if that is what she was after.

Bipasa Basu plastic surgery before & after

Bipasa Basu plastic surgery before & after

The surgeries she could have undergone –

The above observations point towards some specific surgical procedures. These procedures are listed below:

Breast Implants

This is the rather obvious operation that she must have undergone. Those who have had the opportunity of looking at her before and after photos will tell you that back then before the surgery, her body frame was considerably thin and her breasts looked a bit disproportionate and out of place. This is what prompted her to take the knife and have her breasts enlarged. They are now much bigger but still look natural unlike the Hollywood fake round breasts.


Her nose also got some slight alteration and it looks much more beautiful now compared to the way it was then. It is shaper, narrow and more refined. This is the work of Rhinoplasty procedures.

Bipasha Basu plastic surgery - Breast Implants, Rhinoplasty and Facials

Bipasha Basu plastic surgery – Breast Implants, Rhinoplasty and Facials


Those who have been keen with her looks have actually seen that the celebrity has a smoother face that has no visible lines or wrinkles. The facial features are fuller and supple. This could have been the work of fillers.

The verdict

Bipasha Basu plastic surgery served her well. She was able to retain her youthful look with a fuller bust. Her critics point out that her appearance makes her an ideal figure for the Bollywood movie scene.

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