Blake Lively plastic surgery may have been the first among the Gossip Girls but it certainly not the first celebrity cosmetic procedure. It is often said that beauty has an attachment to the physical. This is very true especially in the celebrity world where everything is fast paced.

Blake Lively has lots of fans and her role in Gossip Girls has even served to add her more. This means that a huge demand has been placed on her by both her career and her publicity. With many renowned celebrities going under the knife, Blake Lively must have thought that she is no exception.

Why plastic surgery

In the quest for beauty, many celebrities go through a number of procedures. Some of them depend on makeup which is never permanent. The effectiveness of makeup is also limited to certain areas of the body and it cannot conceal all the features that you want hidden.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively must have also thought about exercise and diet in a bid to make her body shape attractive. This however delivers results after such a long time and it needs consistency and discipline.

This is where plastic surgery comes in. Despite the fact that it is expensive and risky, it has the benefit of delivering instant results. Blake Lively is a celebrity who is much concerned about how she looks both in public and private. According to critics, plastic surgery was the best that she could settle for because some of the things she wanted changed were structural that neither exercise nor diet could do it. This is why she settled for the following procedures.

Nose Job

Many celebrities who are not happy with the shape of their nose have only but one option and that is Rhinoplasty. Through this process some of the nasal tissues are removed so that the nose can change in structure adopting narrower and smaller nostrils. It is considered as a low risk operation but when done overboard, it can be disastrous.

Blake Lively nose job before after

Blake Lively nose job before after

Blake Lively appears different in her before and after photos. Starting with the nose structure, it looks narrow and thin. This aspect is said to be caused by a removal of the cartilage. Secondly, the bridge is narrow pointing towards a manipulation that sought to reduce the size of the nostrils. The tip of the nose is sharper than it was initially and this can only be achieved through plastic procedures. All in all, it was done well.

Breast Implants

This is usually concealed especially after birth. Most celebrities claim that the increase in the size of their bust is due to breastfeeding and the lactation process.

Blake Lively breast implants photo

Blake Lively breast implants photo

According to experts, the increase due to lactation is slightly different from that due to surgery. Blake Lively fortunately or unfortunately had not given birth so this was ruled out. The only way her bust could have increased was due to cosmetic operations.


However you look at Blake Lively plastic surgery, the procedure was a success and both critics and sympathizers agree that indeed that the surgeon who did it was skilled. She looks more beautiful and attractive now than she was before the plastic surgery.

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