Brooke Burke plastic surgery could have come as a convenience since the celebrity was married to a plastic surgeon Garth Fisher between the years 2001 to 2005.

Having lived with a cosmetic surgeon under the same roof, Brooke Burke confesses to have seen lots of women moving in and out of surgical clinics with changed looks. Some of these women as she claims had exaggerated operations which made her very scared. This however did not stop her from going through the knife.

Reasons why Brooke Burke went through cosmetic procedures

Everyone wants to look young and beautiful no matter the age. This has set in motion lots of personal ambitions and activities that have delivered exactly that. While others have gone for diet and practice, others have gone the easier way of getting enhanced beauty through the surgeon’s knife. While this may have its dangers, Brooke Burke seemed comfortable and ready to go through it.

Brooke Burke plastic-surgery before and after photo

Brooke Burke plastic-surgery before and after photo

Being a mother and a family person, Brooke Burke must have found it very difficult to play her role in the limelight as well as maintain her family and her body. In such cases, the body usually becomes weary and aging comes at a faster rate than it should have been. As a mother of four, one would have expected some physical signs of weaknesses to have started developing. This is however not the case. She has managed to maintain herself over the years even as she moved from one marriage to another and all the stresses that come with it.

The role of exercise and diet

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke

As a fitness expert, Brooke Burke has managed to convince her followers that diet and exercise are a key factor contributing to her youthfulness and beauty. The exercises that she has complied in her DVD for others to try out have erased any doubts and suspicions that the celebrity may have procured cosmetic procedures to enhance her looks.

Looking at her before and after photos, it is clear that she has managed to maintain her form and structure over the years. Her favorite diet is the Mediterranean cuisine consisting of fish and green leafy vegetables. She says that this diet contains all she needs.

Breast Implants

At her twenties, the fitness celebrity is said to have gone through a breast augmentation to enhance her appearance. This is expected for a young and rich celebrity who has a plastic surgeon as a husband. Following birth of her babies, Brooke Burke decided to later on go for another surgery to make her breasts smaller so as to offset the effects of breastfeeding.

Looking at her photos in the various publications, one can tell the transformations that she has undergone. This is something that she does not deny.

The case of Brooke Burke plastic surgery is a bit complicated to rule on and many people have confused whether it is her exercise and diet that have contributed to her lean body or it’s the surgical procedures. Also the fact that she underwent the operation long ago brings in the question of whether its effects have been eroded. All said, she looks great and at her age.

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