Some actors and actress appear good physically and some of us don’t really understand the reason behind their decision to undertake a knife. It is so heart breaking to find a naturally beautiful, physically attractive and young celebrity from Hollywood undertaking plastic surgery with a motive to remain young and attractive.

One such celebrity who has come into media and public glare is Calista Flockhart. Calista Flockhart is a famous actress known for her role in a television program referred to as Ally Mcbeal which has made her to won a Golden Globe award. The actress was also popular as many admired her due to her natural good looks.

Instead of the young actress accepting her natural beauty and physical outlook, she has totally transformed her face through lip augmentation and nose job.

1. Nose Job

Speculations on Calista Flockhart plastic surgery begun in 2008 when she was alleged to have undertaken rhinoplasty. Critics and internet rumormongers are purporting that Calista Flockhart plastic surgery before and after pictures indicate a totally transformed nose.

Calista Flockhart nose job before and after

Calista Flockhart nose job before and after

From the previous pictures, Calista had a wide nose bridge. Today, her nose appears to have some minor shape alterations as it has become pointier and a bit narrower. Some critics have been heard saying that her new nose shape doesn’t perfectly match her facial configuration and the mouth shape, and this has left her misshapen. Despite critics arguments, it is true to say that the actress who is about to celebrate her 50th birthday looks great with her new shape outline.

2. Lip augmentation

Along the gossip columns, it is alleged that Calista Flockhart has had lip augmentation. If you compare the previous and recent photos of Calista Flockhart plastic surgery, you will notice a different lips shape. It is not yet clear why the young actress decided to go under the knife and undertake a lip augmentation. However, it is true to say that most individuals who love the actress are much impressed with her current lip shape. This is because her new lips appearance looks great and they blend well with her facial outline.

If you closely look Calista, you will notice that her lips appear fuller than before. This could be due to the use of lips injection fillers. As compared to other celebrities whose results for lips augmentation are fake and weird, Calista Flockhart lips look great and make her to appear more beautiful. In addition, her new lips configuration blends well with her pouty mouth.

Calista Flockhart plastic surgery before and after

Calista Flockhart plastic surgery before and after

3. Cheek lifts

Apart from nose job and lip augmentation, Calista Flockhart has further been speculated to have undertaken check lift. It is being alleged that the Hollywood actress has a fuller face a transformation which is not depicted from her previous photos. It is also alleged that the check lift procedure has contributed to her fake smile.

Although Calista Flockhart has not come out publicly to either accept or reject these speculations, there is a high chance that she has undertaken some plastic surgery with a motive to improve her public outlook and physique. However, it is true to say that her plastic surgery is a successful one as the actress now looks more attractive and beautiful despite being at late 40s. This can be attributed to making the right decision, seeking medical advice and obtaining highly experienced plastic surgeon.

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