As an A-list celebrity and actress, Cameron Diaz plastic surgery would not have received less attention from her closest followers and critics.

Born in 1972, the San Diego actress has had a fair share of career success. She started out at the age of 16 as a model under the Elite Model Management.

Ever since, she has travelled far and wide while under the contract of companies such as Calvin Klein and Levi’s. She has been a cover model for the Seventeen Magazine which is an achievement for many people.

Surgical Operations

Cameron Diaz has managed to silence her critics to a given degree following her acceptance that it is true she went through a surgical procedure to correct the damage she suffered as a result of the surfing accident. This operation was difficult to hide because the damage done on her was very conspicuous such that only a cosmetic procedure would have eliminated the after effects. This is not the only procedure that she is rumored to have paid for but she has denied all others making the speculations to even intensify.

Cameron Diaz plastic surgery before after

Cameron Diaz plastic surgery before after

Nose Job

Following her surfing accident, it was obvious that she would have required some corrective measures done on her nose. This is because it suffered damage due to the impacts that the accident caused. She had no problem accepting this partially because it was in the public domain and everyone was aware of the goings on.

Dr. Antony Youn further confirmed that indeed the celebrity had to be operated on so that the structure of her nose can be made straighter. From her appearance, it seems that the job was well done and the surgeon who worked on her was skilled and experienced enough to handle such a delicate job.

Breast Implants

This procedure has been denied by both Cameron Diaz and her official communication agencies. She has expressed displeasure at the way in which the news spread. She was quoted earlier as saying that she did not want her body to be cut so as to enhance her beauty. Looking at her bust before and after, there seems to be some major differences. Her chest was almost flat and she barely had anything to show.

Looking at her now, her bust seems full and her breasts have grown to cup size B. It is possible that breasts increase in size naturally following procedures such as birth. This however is not applicable for Cameron Diaz because her fans know her well. Breast enlargement has been one of the common practices among women celebrities. They feel that it makes them more beautiful and balanced.

Cameron Diaz breast implants before and after

Cameron Diaz breast implants before and after

Botox Fillers

In addition to the nose job and breast augmentation, the rumors have it that Cameron Diaz made another move to remove wrinkles, sags and stress lines from her skin. Through the use of chemicals such as Restylane and Juvederm, the celebrity managed to clean up her face so as to look young and attractive. This is clear in her before and after plastic surgery photos.


Cameron Diaz plastic surgery has made her slightly plastic but it has served her well. She looks more beautiful with her enhanced appearance.

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