Catherine Bell plastic surgery is among the hottest subject on the lips of almost everyone in the entertainment fraternity. The British-born, American actress is rumored to have had several plastic surgeries to enhance her looks. Her attempts to improve her already good looks are deemed a failure in the eyes of many of her fans and critics.

Many thought that the actress was already beautiful prior to her alleged plastic surgery and her the procedures only detract from her natural beauty.

Catherine arrived on the showbiz scene in 1992 in the film, Death Becomes Her. She is however more popularly known for the role she played on the TV series, Jag, as Lt. Col. Sarah Mackenzie. Jag was aired between 1997 and 2005. Following the conclusion of Jag, Bell secured a role in another popular TV series. This time, she played the role of Denise Sherwood in Army Wives. This she did until the conclusion of the series in 2013. She is slated for a role in the upcoming TNT series, Good Morning Killer.

Catherine Bell plastic surgery before and after

Catherine Bell plastic surgery before and after

Catherine Bell Plastic surgery on Eyes

The 44 year old, Bell, doesn’t look a day older than her age. In fact, she looks far younger than her peers. Among the many plastic surgery rumors circulating about this star is that of her eye surgery. Critics have concluded that Catherine’s has undergone Blepharoplasty. These allegations arose out of the almost non-existent eye-bags that she once had. She is alleged to have had surgery to remove bags from beneath her eyes. Before and after pictures confirm that Bell’s eye bags have disappeared. This, critics say, is the work of plastic surgery.

Nose Job

Probably, one of the most notable changes in Catherine’s features is her nose. Catherine Bell plastic surgery before and after photographs confirm an obvious difference in both the size and shape of the actress’ nose. Catherine’s nose is clearly now a lot narrower than before. In addition, the center of her nose appears to be slightly pinched. These features were not evident in photographs prior to the alleged plastic surgery rumors. Again, Catherine’s fans argue that this procedure was not needed as the star’s nose was already perfect for her face.

Catherine Bell

Despite the glaringly, obvious differences in the star’s appearance, Catherine has not sought to dispel the plastic surgery allegations. In fact, when asked about the alleged procedures, Bell neither confirmed nor denied the allegations. All she said was that she was now pleased with her body. This comment only increased speculations regarding the rumors.

Catherine’s Scottish and Persian ancestry meant that she was among the most beautiful actress’ to grace TV screens. However, fans and critics alike have said that her attempts to enhance her features have left her looking less attractive than before.

Catherine Bell in 2014

Catherine Bell in 2014

Catherine couldn’t seem to care less about what her fans or detractors think. She obviously is pleased with her modifications and new appearance. What are your thoughts on the Catherine Bell plastic surgery rumors? Have the modifications worked for, or against the star.

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