Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery is one of the many celebrity surgeries that rarely escape the attention of the media and celebrity watchers. The celebrity has starred in classic movies such as A Little Night Music, Mask of Zorro and Entrapment. At her forties and with two children, the celebrity still looks fabulous and youthful, attributes that have made many to believe that she underwent the knife.

Having lived most of her life in the public domain, Catherine Zeta Jones has felt the pressure of keeping up with the expectations of her fans and followers. The fans and followers expect the celebrities to always look sexy and young irrespective of their age. These expectations usually make the celebrities to turn to cosmetic procedures to fight off any signs of aging.

The celebrity is rumored to have undergone a number of plastic surgical treatments in order to boost her looks. Catherine Zeta Jones still looks young as she was in the past. Below are some of the cosmetic operations Catherine Zeta could have procured.


Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery before after

Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery before after

Looking at Catherine Zeta Jones images in magazines, you would notice the smoothness that characterizes her face. Her skin is shiny and tight. At her age, you would have expected to see some stress lines and frown lines on her forehead but the story is different. She has a youthful looking and cheerful face. There is also no trace of sagging skin on her face. Catherine Zeta literally looks half her age. This many believes is as a result of a facelift.

Botox Injections

Botox treatment goes in hand with facelift. Catherine Zeta Jones is said to have undertaken Botox treatment in order to get rid of her wrinkles. Chemicals such as Juvederm and Restylane are usually injected under the skin to make it firm and wrinkle free. The Botox injections have given the celebrity a very youthful and beautiful look.

Nose Surgery

Looking at Catherine’s nose, you would tell that there are some differences especially when compare her before and after photos. Her nose looks shaper and narrower than it was before. Her nostrils look smaller and the bridge more refined. Most celebrities usually undergo Rhinoplasty to ensure that their noses integrate well with the rest of their facial features. Although is not as yet confirmed, from the photos, you can tell that Catherine could have undergone the surgical knife for a nose job.

Breast Augmentation

Catherine Zeta Jones breast implants before after

Catherine Zeta Jones breast implants before after

Catherine Zeta Jones breasts were smaller compared to the way they are now. Though the celebrity has added some weight, the bigger and fuller bust indicates that there were some alterations that were done. Her breasts are bigger than usual, firmed and tight. This could not be as a result of weight gain but only breast augmentation. No diet or exercise has ever been attributed to such a radical change. Whatever the case may be, she still looks gorgeous and amazing.

Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery is touted to be one of the best. Everything was done so perfectly that you can hardly tell the difference with her natural look. Indeed, the surgery was conducted in an expert and proficient manner.

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