Charisma Carpenter plastic surgery couldn’t have been hidden from the curious media and celebrity watchers. Because of her famous public figure everything about her life lies in the open.

She is well known not only by her fan base but also by people outside her acting career. Her role in the Angel and Buffy TV series made Charisma Carpenter to be on the most watched celebrity list. The ensuing roles that she has played in various shows have only but given her greater visibility both as an actress and as a role model.

With such publicity around her, it became increasingly difficult to hide her boob job that according to pundits was done pretty well.

Charisma Carpenter’s Stand on Cosmetic Surgery

Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter

Her previous remarks and attitude on plastic surgery have been positive and in fact she once stated openly that she would not mind going through the surgeon’s knife.

It is also understood that she has a cautious stand on the whole issue of cosmetic procedures after hearing and witnessing cases where celebrities went through bad plastic surgery. This could explain in part why she decided to do implants instead of undertaking a comprehensive cosmetic surgery. Her implants were so conservative that apart from complementing her body, no other function was served.

Charisma’s Breast Implants

Compared to her body size, she felt that her boobs were somewhat disproportionate. She therefore had to go through a cosmetic procedure to boost them a little bit so as to complement her body. This gave her a tasteful and attractive look that accentuated her curvy body shape.

She also gives some advice to those who want to go through the surgeon’s scalpel that they should do so through a professional to avoid the risks that come with plastic surgeries.

Looking at her before and after photos, you would notice the increase in the breasts cup size but it is so well done that critics hardly find something to write home about.

She is very happy with herself and she cherishes every aspect of her life at 40 in fact she has stated on several occasions that it’s the best decade of a woman’s life.

Charisma Carpenter plastic surgery before after

Charisma Carpenter plastic surgery before after

General Opinion

At her age she looks as young as 24 and this is not because of any Botox or filler injections but rather due to her good eating habits and appreciation of life. Pundits argue that with a boob job gone well and a positive attitude to back her up, the actress is set to hit the stage running.

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