Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery was hot news in the media. Being a daughter of Bill Clinton, Chelsea has a huge followership. Gossip columnists and celebrity watchers are very keen on what happens on her life and as such the plastic surgery couldn’t go unnoticed.

By looking at Chelsea Clinton’s after and before photos, you can easily tell that there have been some modifications in her form and structure. There are a number of cosmetic operations that Chelsea could have undergone to attain her current amazing and impeccable looks.

Being in the limelight needs one to be appealing and youthful always and this has been interpreted by many celebrities as a show of the outward beauty. This makes most of them to procure cosmetic operations in order to turn back the hands of time. According to a Manhattan plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden, Chelsea Clinton could have procured a nose job, chin augmentation and liposuction.


Chelsea Clinton nose job and cheek implants

Chelsea Clinton nose job and cheek implants

Chelsea Clinton’s nose seemed to have slight differences in structure relative to the rest of her facial features. With concern about her rounder and bigger nose, she went ahead to procure a nose job. Looking at her nose before and after, it is clear that it has undergone some significant transformation. It looks narrower with a refined appearance. Her nostrils appear smaller, her nose tip sharper and elevated. Looking at her nose bridge, you can also tell that there some modifications that were done. She looks more beautiful in her current form meaning that the nose surgery was carried out successfully by an experienced and proficient surgeon.

Chin Implants

The celebrity chin looks refined and even though it appears natural, a careful observation makes one to notice the possibility of implants. This has changed her chin shape. The jawline and the chin area look fresh and nicer. The chin implants has amplified her looks in a modest way. Nothing was overdone and she looks more confident and happier than she was before procuring the cosmetic procedures.

Lip Augmentation

Looking at Chelsea Clinton lips, it is possible that she underwent lip augmentation. Her lips look luscious and very attractive. This shows that the celebrity most likely opted for a lip augmentation. Through this process, chemicals like Restylane and Juvederm are injected to the lips to make them more refined and smooth.

Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery before after

Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery before after

The celebrity looks more elegant and beautiful. Chelsea Clinton has every reason to thank the surgical procedures because they helped her to be the best bride on her wedding day. In her special day on a glamorous and scintillating white net dress, it was all glitz and glamour for the celebrity thanks to the experienced and proficient cosmetic specialists that worked on her. Looking at Chelsea past and current appearance, you will definitely appreciate the awesome things that comes with cosmetic procedures. Chelsea Clinton looks great and amazingly beautiful.

Though the celebrity has not said anything in regard to the cosmetic procedures, by all measures, the surgery worked to her advantage. She looks much younger and sexy. Her surgical procedures were done in moderation therefore her entire body looks much enhanced in a clinical way. This has made both her critics and fans to conclude that Chelsea Clinton plastics surgery was on one of the best. It has indeed brought the best out of her.

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