The famous American actor, TV presenter, author, script writer, producer, and comedian Chesla Handler was born in 1975 in Livingston. Chesla Handler net worth is $35 million and she hosts a TV show Chesla Lately and occasionally performs stand up comedy shows.

Chelsea Handler loves to pose topless, and as it is obvious such women are always hit by breast implant criticism, so is the case with Handler. Whenever she is asked about posing naked, she says that she doesn’t take her body too seriously and she doesn’t think that going topless is being naked.

Almost six months ago, we saw reports everywhere that Chelsea Handler breast enhancement surgery has been successful. She angrily began posting topless photos on instagram and twitter to dismiss these reports. In a recent picture that she has posted on twitter, she claims that countless men have touched her assets but a doctor never did so.

Chelsea Handler Topless Photo

Topless Chelsea Handler (click for larger image)

She is 39 years old and is unmarried. She thinks that she is not the marrying kind and she has no plans of getting married in future also. She is not a racist and she frequently dates black men, in fact a lot of her boyfriends are black. She says I don’t think I’m able to balance in a relationship and my life so I don’t even think about marriage and kids.

She also says although she is not looking for a husband but she has not yet met her soul mate. She doesn’t waste time on romantic relationships and calls them a distraction. She is happy with her friends, family, and job, and considers it enough to lead a well balanced life.

Chelsea Handler net worth 2015

She loves men and she likes to be surrounded and touched by men of her choice. She says that one has to bring out the best in oneself in order to impress her. But she has not met anyone who could bring the best in her. She doesn’t seem to be clear about the idea of being a wife but she clearly says that she never wants to be a mom because that would not be nice for the baby.

Chelsea Handler with 50 cent

Chelsea Handler with 50 cent

Chelsea Handler boyfriends list is too long and 50 Cent is probably the most high profile friendship among all others. They are still on good terms but the relationship broke when 50 Cent’s ex Ciara came in. Then she has been friends with Salmoni who worked on Animal Planet and is an entertainer and TV producer and Handler says that she enjoyed a lot in bed with him.

Chelsea Handler's boyfriend Andre Balazs

Chelsea Handler and her boyfriend Andre Balazs

Handler had a romantic relationship with David Alan Grier. Grier found her to be the funniest woman on the planet and he too is a comedian, probably both of them explored each other through comedy. Ted Harbert and Andre Balazs were also in a relationship with Handler. Andre Balazs was her last boyfriend and she has recently been posting remarks on social media as if she is pregnant.

Chelsea Handler birthday party photo

Chelsea Handler birthday party photo

She has recently celebrated he 40th birthday and posed some nude pictures for her fans. She has also tweeted a shot of her California Medical Marijuana Card and she says there is no better gift than being a legal marijuaner. She is a pure comedian and likes to live a fun filled life with not much to ponder on.

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