Cheri Oteri plastic surgery is one that has gotten the attention of both her fans and critics. The born 1965 actress and comedian still look beautiful at her age. Some of the comedies that Cheri Oteri starred are Dumb and Dumber, Liar Liar, Inspector Gadget, Southland Tales and Scary Movie.

At her age, Cheri Oteri looks fabulous as she was in her thirties. Cosmetic operations have helped many celebrities from across the world to reinvent their youthful and fabulous appearance. Many celebrities especially Hollywood are opting for plastic procedures to ensure that they remain relevant in their careers.

It is rumored that Cheri Oteri went under the knife to enhance her looks and get rid of signs of aging. Some of the plastic surgical procedures that Cheri Oteri could have procured include chin implants, facelift and eyelid surgery. However, this still remains speculative because the celebrity has remained silent about the issue.


Cheri Oteri plastic surgery before after

Cheri Oteri plastic surgery before after

This type of cosmetic procedure is very common among celebrities. This is because your face plays an integral role in your overall look. As such, celebrities are wiling to go to any length to ensure that their face looks stunning. Looking at Cheri Oteri before and after plastic surgery images, it is clear that she underwent a facelift. Her face looks shiny and does not show any wrinkles or stress lines. Also, her face appears toned, tight and elevated something that can only be possible as a result of cosmetic operation. Thanks to the facelift, Cheri Oteri has managed to remain youthful and ageless.

Chin Implants

Cheri Oteri

Cheri Oteri

This is another cosmetic operation that the celebrity is rumored to have procured. This is because before, her chin appeared much rounded than it is now. Looking at her now, her chin appears well defined to fit well with the rest of her facial features. Her face has become oval and more refined making her appear very attractive and gorgeous.


Cheri Oteri also underwent a nose job. Though there is a slight difference in her nasal structure appearance, if you look at her closely you can tell that there are slight modifications that were done on her nose. Her nose looks narrower, thinner and refined in a good way. The cosmetic specialist who worked on her nose knew exactly what he was doing because the nose job was well done.


Cheri Oteri must have undergone eyelid surgery to make her eyes bigger and wider. Looking at her pervious photos, she had smaller and cramped eyes shape but this is no longer the case. Looking at her today, she has bigger and wider eyes that are devoid of any signs of aging. The Blepharoplasty served her well because it made her to look great and youthful.

Cheri Oteri plastic surgery was a successful operation. It has worked well to enhance her beauty. Looking at her before and after, it is clear that she looks better than she was before. Her cosmetic procedure is an example of one of the best celebrity plastic surgical operations. The specialist who worked on her did a great and a commendable job.

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