Cheryl Ladd plastic surgery could not escape the attention of the media. Cheryl Ladd is a renowned American actress and author. Because of being in the limelight, the celebrity might have felt the pressure to remain young and beautiful and as such opted for plastic cosmetic procedures to fight off signs of aging.

Although Cheryl Ladd is above sixty, she still looks young and fabulous with no signs of aging. This has made many to conclude that she went through the surgeon’s knife to enhance her looks.

Some of the procedures Cheryl Ladd is rumored to have procured include Rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, Botox and filler injection, lip augmentation, facelift among many others.


Thanks to this cosmetic procedure, Cheryl Ladd face is toned and tight. At her age, it is expected that you will see wrinkles and sagging skin but this is not the case. Her face looks youthful and great something that can only be attributed to cosmetic procedures.

Cheryl Ladd plastic surgery before and after

Cheryl Ladd plastic surgery before and after

The best thing with her facelift is that it was done in moderation and as such it worked for her good. The cosmetic specialist who worked on her must have been very experienced and skilled. He knew the right measures to apply on her face to give the desired results.

Nose Job

Apart from facelift, the celebrity also procured a Rhinoplasty. She did this to have her nasal shape refined to her liking. Looking at her before and after plastic surgery photos, you can clearly see the difference in the shape of her nasal structure. Her nose looks slimmer, refined and thinner than it was before the cosmetic procedure. The bridge of her nose also looks narrower and more refined.

Eyelid Surgery

At her age, it is normal to see baggy eyes as well as loose skin around the eyes but for Cheryl Ladd the case is different. Looking at her eyes, they appear fresh with no sign of aging. This has helped to boost her looks even at her old age.

Lip Augmentation

Having luscious, nutritious and juicy lips past the age of sixty is not normal though it is an amazing thing. Looking at this celebrity lips, you can easily confuse her with someone in her thirties.

Cheryl Ladd plastic surgery

Cheryl Ladd plastic surgery

Her lips look fleshy and wonderful making people to speculate that she procured lip augmentation to enhance her lips. Though this is the case, it seems that the surgeon who worked on her did a superb job because her lips suit her perfectly. They do not look exaggerated.

Botox and Filler Injection

Looking Cheryl Ladd forehead, it is smooth and wrinkle free. At her age, it is expected that she should be having sagging skin which comes with aging. However, it is clear that the celebrity procured Botox and filler injection to fight off any signs of aging. Botox treatment involves injection of chemicals such as Restylane and Juvederm into the skin and it seems the surgeon who operated on her knew the right measure to apply to get great results.

Cheryl Ladd plastic success was a success despite the celebrity remaining silent about the cosmetic procedures. She looks fabulous and amazingly beautiful at her age.

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