The question that is commonly asked especially by people who are starting up is, how much do chinchillas cost? Chinchillas are great to keep because of the fact that their maintenance requirements are minimal.

The initial cost however is what turns most people off because it is relatively high. Despite the slight variations of the cost in a number of localities and the color you choose, with $150, you should be able to get a standard grey chinchilla from pet stores around.

Buying from Breeders

If you are to buy the standard gray chinchillas direct from breeders, the cost is often lower at around $80. This is due to the benefit that comes with large scale breeding such as lower per unit food consumption and utility expenses. Breeders would typically factor in the fur quality when pricing chinchillas hence the premium price tag on show quality chinchillas.

Chinchilla and Dog


If you are to buy from rescues, a standard grey chinchilla would cost you around $70 which is slightly lower compared to breeders. These chinchillas also come with their cages and this reduces your start up cost significantly. The $70 is basically calculated as the cost of adoption by rescues. The reason they cannot give them for free is because of the fact that they incur food expenses, vet visits and specialized care while the chins are in their custody.


Classifieds are also a great place to get chinchillas from. You can choose between those that come with their own cages and those without. Typically the cost here will range between $110 and $130 per chin which is slightly lower than a pet store. This price can also be negotiated and a much better deal reached at.

Cost of the Cage

Chinchilla CagesWhen looking at the cost of chinchillas, it is recommended that you also factor in the cost of the cage. High quality cages with inbuilt accessories such as hammocks, tunnels and other features cost about $100-$250. The range in pricing is due to variations in the size, the number and quality of accessories incorporated and the place from which you are buying.

It is always advisable that you get quality cages even if they are second hand. Clean them well before use. When buying them, you also need to look at the modifications that the cage may need. These will help you when bargaining for a better deal.

Maintenance Cost

The other element to consider when looking at the cost of the chinchilla is its maintenance cost. As mentioned earlier, this cost is not usually much compared to the initial acquisition and setting up cost. The maintenance cost typically involves the feed, dust, hay and litter. All these combined cost an average of $50-$60 every month. For chew toys, you will need to budget for an approximate $15 every month to cater for their replacement. Although some chins chew more as compared to others, with a budget of $15 a month for the toys, you should be more than prepared.

Vet services also form a significant cost of breeding chinchillas. To help you get along with this, you need to have in place a vet fund to cater for scheduled visits and emergencies. Typical vet visits run for about $50 per visit while emergencies cost an estimated $100 just for the veterinarian to walk in to your premises.

To keep the costs down, you can buy supplies such as hay and litter in bulk. In this you stand to enjoy quantity discounts. This analysis should fully address your earlier question; how much do chinchillas cost. The costs included here are standard, reliable and based on the most recent surveys.

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