Chris Tucker is a popular standup actor and comedian. Despite all his success, Chris Tucker net worth is estimated at negative 11.5 million dollars (-$11.5 million).

Christopher (Chris) Tucker started his professional career in the early 1990s with most performances on Def Comedy Jam. He had roles in different movies during this period. Will you believe the fact that in spite of all these Chris Tucker net worth is still below zero (0)?

Chris Tucker was born in Georgia in a family of Mary Louse and Morris. Christopher’s father was one of the successful businessmen. Therefore, his family never experienced major financial challenges. He was showered with attention by his siblings and both parents in his childhood. Tucker was the youngest son in the family.

However, right from his early years, Chris Tucker was a restless sole. He didn’t stay home with their family for long. Immediately after his high school graduation, Tucker packed up all his stuff and moved to Los Angeles. The conditions to pursue career in film and comedy industry were more favorable in Los Angeles.

Chris Tucker net worth

$14 MILLION unpaid taxes?

It was not so long before Chris got a breakthrough in his film and comedy career. During this time Christopher (Chris) Tucker net worth begun to really grow fast. In 1993, Tucker made his 1st appearance particularly in movies as Jonny Booze in House Party 3. He played his role nicely. However, that movie was not so popular and didn’t add much to Chris Tucker net worth. He performed the next movie.

This second movie was a greater success to his net worth. Friday has actually earned Chris 3 MTV Movie Award nominations; one for the most excellent performance in comedic, one for the most excellent breakthrough and one for the most excellent on-screen duo.

But, what made Chris really popular and being loved by many TV viewers worldwide was the film Rush Hour which he appeared in the year 1998. These film (Rush Hour) series made Chris one of the best paid male actors as far as film industry is concerned. In 2006, he had really threatened the creators of Rush Hour 3 that he will not take his role (former role) unless he is paid twenty five million dollars ($25 million). His trick really worked and he was paid the money he demanded (twenty five million dollars).

Chris Tucker's house

Chris Tucker’s house – sold for $3,000,000

In spite of all these achievements, Chris Tucker net worth is estimated at negative 11.5 million dollars (-$11.5 million). Chris Tucker faces different charges including tax avoidance. He also owes IRC eleven million dollars ($11 million) right from 2001 to 2005. Also, he has a mortgage of 4.4 million dollars ($4.4 million) on his Florida mansion.

Chris has publicly accepted that his current income doesn’t allow him to settle all his debts. However, in spite of all these financial challenges, Chris is still in-demand comedian.

Chris Tucker's car

Chris Tucker’s car – Aston Martin Vanquish

If only Chris Tucker learns to manage his own spending, it will not be long until Chris Tucker net worth will be above zero. His current net worth is really ironic since he was once one of the highest paid male actors. In general, Chris Tucker is a popular standup actor and comedian whose net worth is estimated at negative 11.5 million dollars (-$11.5 million).

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