Christie Brinkley has achieved great success as a fashion diva and donned many hats including writing, designing, photography, film acting as well as an activist for human, animal rights. However, Christ Brinkley plastic surgery rumors have started as she has entered her late 50s. When you are drop dead gorgeous like Christie Brinkley and are in the limelight, it is rather usual for such stories to surface.

Christie Brinkley is a beauty queen who gained worldwide recognition with three consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers through 1981. Besides, she has appeared on over 500 magazine covers, including 25 years as the face of CoverGirl.

She has been named as “one of the most attractive women of all time” by Allure, Playboy and Men’s Health. For her social work Christie Brinkley has been awarded numerously many awards, including the Humanitarian Award by March of Dimes, HBA’s Positively Beautiful Award, 2013 Pet Hero Award – Humanitarian of the Year and others.

Christie Brinkley plastic surgery before and after

Christie Brinkley plastic surgery before and after

The 60 year old supermodel has denied going under the knife. When asked how she remains so youthful looking even at 60, she credited healthy vegetarian eating, diligent exercise and special facials to help her. She also does Yoga as well works out with Soul Cycle.

Whatever she might say, Christie Brinkley before and after plastic surgery photos tell a little different story. Christie appears decades younger than her actual 60 year age. Her fresh and shiny skin along with the wrinkle free forehead is indicative of Botox Injections. Some rumor mills have stated that Christie might also have used face filer like Juvederm and Restylane. Corners of Christie’ eyes are free from crow’s feet which means she might have opted for Blepharoplasty as well.

Christie Brinkley and Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery Chapter

Christie and her daughter Alexa went on a day out get a nose job done for Alexa in 2010. The reason cited for going under the knife by Alexa was breathing problems.

Christie expressed that she went with Alexa only to support her daughter. Brinkley categorically denied going under the knife, but many media outlets including Star Magazine reported that Brinkley went for a face-lift at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital on the day following Alexa’s rhinoplasty. A total amount of about $60,000 was paid.

Christie Brinkley before and after plastic surgery

Christie Brinkley before and after plastic surgery

Christie Brinkley plastic surgery can well be a story crafted by rumor mills. Such is the gorgeousness of the uber sexy 60 year old supermodel, that it gets hard to accept only good genes at play. But we should also not forget that Christie works out every single day and has adopted a very healthy lifestyle to look her best. She also said, “I don’t believe in allowing my age to define me. I believe attitude plays a huge part in what you feel.” What is also interesting to note is a Christie’s majority of fans didn’t accept her going under the knife in a poll survey by the Huffington Post.

Do you feel that some people like Christie Brinkley are gifted to look forever beautiful? Or are some cosmetic surgeries at play? Let us know your thoughts.

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