Clay Aiken shot to fame in 2003, when he got the second runner-up position, on the second of TV Show American Idol. The 35 year old since has donned many hats besides singing and songwriting. He is now widely acknowledged as an actor, author, politician and activist. He is definitely not amongst the ordinary, and the list of his awards as well as nominations for his work, just proves that. There is something else that he did and accepted it, unlike other celebrities. Yes, you got it right – a plastic surgery.

When there was a sudden change in the star’s appearance, Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery stories started doing rounds of media and the internet. Clay bravely accepted going under the knife to Andy Cohen on Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live. Let us analyze how and which Clay’s features have changed.

Clay Aiken’s jaw appears unnatural

Clay Aiken has now come a long way from being the runner-up at American Idol’s season 2. His facial features appear to have changed proportions as well. Such changes cannot be attributed to mere passage of time. On the top of the list (and what’s also been accepted by the Clay) is the change in appearance of his jaw. In the past, Clay had a double chin. Now the jaw appears more rounded, balancing out his face. This can be credited to a plastic surgery on his chin.

Clay Aiken plastic surgery before and after

Clay Aiken plastic surgery before and after

Aiken stated that the surgery was performed, since he was having issues with TMJ (a disorder leading to pain in the joint connecting our lower jaw and skull). The star admitted that he got the fat of his chin removed. He further went on to say that he actually went to the surgeon with a concern for his disorder. But when he saw an opportunity for liposuction around his chin area, he gave it a go.

Besides, the reshape of his chin, a prominent change in Clay’s jaw line is also visible. Plastic surgeons have suggested that ‘Orthognathic surgery’ is the most probable for this appearance change.

Clay Aiken has allegedly also gone for a nose job

A closer inspection of ‘Clay Aiken plastic surgery before and after’ photos, reveals irregularities on his nose as well. A nose job has probably been performed and it complements the North Carolina boy’s brand new jaw. The nose job has not been confessed by Clay though. Do you personally find a change in Clay’s nose?

Clay Aiken is a well known for his activism. He has even donated his voice to various events and concerts, including the 2004 Rosalynn Carter Benefit, the America’s Promise Benefit, etc. He has even helped organizations like Broadway Cares and Equity Fights AIDS in raising funds. In 2010, Clay spoke about Gay rights at Human Rights Campaign dinner and he also promotes GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

Clay Aiken then and now

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It is hard to believe that someone, as sensitive and dynamic, as Clay Aiken will actually go under the knife. But at the same time, Clay has done a great job by accepting that he went for a plastic surgery. Do you think that Clay’s appearance has now improved? Let us know your thoughts about the Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery episode.

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