Vacations are lovely and everyone would love to go. The problem however comes in when you do not have your own private transport. This would mean that you hire a car and you would want to know how much does it cost to rent a car?

The answer can be as straight forward if you want it to be. First of all you need to be aware that when you are budgeting for any trip, transport cost is one of the primary considerations that you have to bear in mind. Even if you will use you own car, at some point you may need to hire one. This applies most often to international and regional trips.

Variables to Consider

Before you arrive at the cost of renting, you need to need to consider some variables carefully. Look at the size of the car that you need for your trip, the insurance cover that you may have to buy, the age of the vehicle and any history associated with it. These elements will definitely have an impact on your choice of car and the price that you will pay at the end of it all.

Cost To Rent a Car

When analyzing the insurance element, there are two critical areas to look at. The extent of the cover and secondly the price tag. Some companies have arrangements such that they can offer low cost rental insurance in addition to your regular car policy.

The size of your car also matters a lot. For cars that may not fare well in accidents, some companies may charge you more for this. Others will charge you more for larger cars that are slightly above the four door sedan average.

The type of car-this is another decision that you have to make. If you are opting for a sports car for instance, you will have to be ready to pay more for this. This is primarily due to the attraction that they get, the expenses involved in repairs and maintenance and even the risk of them being stolen.

The age of the vehicle and its history- Old cars or those that have been involved in accidents in the course of their operational life, may not cost much. This is due to their unattractiveness to potential clients.

The Dollar Cost of Renting a Car

Renting a carThe cost of renting a car would range between $12 and $57 a day. The variation of course is due to the type, age and make of the vehicle. If you are planning to hire the car for a week or so, the average daily cost will definitely be lower than if you were hiring for a day.

There are also weekend offers which can go for as low as $ 9.99 a day. Most of these would require that you book in advance. This is because of the fact that weekends are generally high demand period and so if you do not move in early enough to finalize your booking, someone else may come and overtake you.

When you are renting a car for weddings and other special occasions, you may get packages which range from $20 -$70 per day depending on the car model you want. This cost may include other additional benefits which would ordinarily lack in the other conventional rentals.

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