The busy schedules that characterize our lifestyles today leave very minimal space for us to handle our daily chores. This often leads to situations where our walls become dirty and our walkways unappealing. To fix this, we can ether hire cleaning companies or just do it ourselves. But how much does it cost to rent a pressure washer if we are to do this job ourselves?

Well, there are lots of factors that can determine the ultimate cost that we are to pay. The location, the model of the washer, its power and the store you are renting it from are just some of the factors to be considered. Typical daily rental fees will range between $30 and $150.

Below are some of the factors in detail that would determine the much you will pay as rental fees for a power washer.

The Brand Type

There are different brands of pressure washers out in the market today. Each of these brands will have its own rental fees even though the power is the same. Some of the brands that you are likely to encounter in the market include the following: Ex-cell, Simpson, Stanley, John Deere, Briggs and Stratton among many others.

Pressure washer grades chart

You need to determine the cleaning needs in advance as this will help you in sampling the power ranges of the pressure washer that will suit you. The GPM capacity and the water capacity of the pressures should give a general idea of their cost. Low capacity power washers usually attract the least cost.

Pressure Washer Availability

There are some seasons of the year such as the onset of spring where pressure washers are usually in high demand. Because of the low availability that comes with the increased demand, the cost of renting them is usually higher.
Similarly the first weeks of summer also create a high demand for pressure washers. This is due to the fact that many households normally clean their outdoors during this time.

To help beat the low availability of pressure washers during peak seasons, you can decide to go against the wave and do your cleaning in low seasons. This will help you get rid of the sticky and stubborn dirt at a much lower cost.

Look Into the Possibility of Buying

Cost To Rent a Pressure WasherWhen looking at the renting option, you can also consider the possibility of buying the pressure washer. Remember that the washing will not end with one rental, you will need to rent many more times as long as there is dirt and you do not have your own pressure washer.

The cost of buying a pressure washer ranges from $180 to $400. This means that with 3 to 4 rentals, you have covered the cost of buying your own. You therefore need to evaluate this carefully and see if it is value adding.

Rental Prices of Power Washers

The best place to rent your washer from is the local store. This is because of the familiarity which can enable you to get a rental consideration.

Many stores charge about $70 per day for a pressure washer of medium capacity that measures around 2000psi. Some stores also add insurance expense on top of this which can be around $15 making the total rental cost to be $85. There are those who rent per hour at $30.

If you think that your cleaning will last more than a day, you can ask them for their closed door policy details. This will ensure that you pay a small extra fee to use the washer till the following day.

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