A car is a great asset to have in your possession. It’s very convenient and facilitates your moving from one point to another. But with time you car suffers gradually from interior and exterior wear and tear. This is usually caused by dirt, dust, grime and grease the car accumulates overtime.

In order to keep your vehicle in good shape you need to reupholster it from time to time. Some of the parts that need reupholstering include car engine, car seats as well as car interior and exterior. But if you want to reupholster your vehicle, one question that you need to find an answer to is how much does it cost to reupholster a car? This usually depends on the part of the vehicle that requires reupholstering and the type of upholsterer you have picked.

Car seats reupholstering for instance entails replacing and repairing cushions and seats of the car. The total cost of your vehicle interior reupholstering can be as low as $ 1,0000 and as much as $ 10,000 depending on what you want done as well as the material to be used. But the approximate cost of a classic car reupholstering is $ 4,500 which entails the material cost and labor.

Car reupholstering before after

The total cost of both interior and exterior car upholstering usually depends on several factors. Some of the factors are discussed here:

The Contractor – To have your car upholstered appropriately, you need to hire the services of a professional skilled and competent upholsterer. You can find a reliable and reputable upholsterer in your locality. Different providers charge different costs. You need to assess the quality of services they are offering vis-à-vis what they are charging and settle for the best deal. Before finalizing on your decision, it’s imperative that you check their previous tasks to determine their competence and skills required to deliver exceptional work.

Car reupholsteringModel of the Car – If the vehicle that needs reupholstering is a common model then this will cost you around $ 1,000. It’s however worth mentioning that this cost may vary depending on several factors such as size of the car. A Ferrari will cost approximately $5,000 while a small car will cost relatively lower.

Material Used – The material used is another factor that will either increase or reduce the cost of upholstering. A material can cost as low as $ 10/yard or as much as $80/yard. Leather material for instance is very costly though it is softer, luxurious and stain resistant. However to reduce cost when using leather, you can opt to use vinyl and then treat it so that it will appear as genuine leather.

You should choose a skilled upholsterer that understands the scope of your work and also one that will give you a detailed cost breakdown based on the part that needs reupholstering and material used. Some upholsterers also have auxiliary services. These can be of benefit to you and lower the overall costs. You also need to agree beforehand the entire cost so that as the work begins everybody knows the expectation of the other person. You can decide to pay in milestones as the work progresses.

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