It is always a joy to be a pet owner and the more the number the better the experience. There is however a limit to this and most often pet owners find themselves asking this question; how much does it cost to spay or neuter a cat?

Well, this question is not as straight forward as it may look on pen and paper. There are some calculations that must go into it. Knowing how much the process costs may not only help you in planning but also provide an excellent opportunity for you to control your feline pet population.

Veterinary clinics would charge a figure of between $50 and $400. The difference in the cost range can be attributed to the particular vet who will do the job and the range of services that will be provided. A laser procedure typically cost more than the regular neutering and spaying processes.

The price that the vet quotes usually includes antibiotics, hospitalization and charges for anesthesia. The neutering procedure may attract other auxiliary services such as immunizations. Look at the elements of the quote that your veterinarian hands to you before hiring his services. Alternatively, you can take advantage of welfare organizations that periodically provide free services or even low cost campaigns.

Neuter your Cat

Another way of reducing the cost of neutering campaigns is to take advantage of subsidized programs from animal shelters that charge less to undertake the neutering processes.

What Does Cat Neutering Involve?

If you do not have a plan of breeding your cats, having them neutered will save you the trouble of unplanned births. The logic is simple; taking care of the kittens is usually a lot more expensive than having them neutered.

Another reason why you should neuter them is the fact that selling kittens is such a herculean task; it’s not easy to undertake. You may have to stick with your kittens a little bit longer before getting a willing buyer.

CatsNeutering of cats is a simple process where the testicles are removed making it impossible for the cat to breed. Spaying on the other hand involves the removal of the uterus and ovaries of the female cat to prevent it from becoming pregnant.

The processes are done when the kittens are at the age of 4 months. This is in time before becoming sexually active. The timing is usually after the completion of their primary vaccinations. This said, you can also neuter cats that are at an advanced age.

Must you Neuter the Cats?

Neutered cats are much healthier than their counterparts. The risk of contracting some diseases such as Feline Immune Deficiency Virus (FIV) and prostate cancer is reduced significantly.

The process is not as painful as it may be imagined. Some anesthesia may be used to ease the pain during the operation. It is effective in controlling the cat population and there is bound to be fewer strays.

In addition to looking at the monetary figures of the actual neutering process, you also need to look at the cost savings that you are likely to experience. Neutered cats feed less than the unneutered ones. This is due to the fact that their sedentary and restful kind of lifestyle slows down their metabolic processes and requires lesser calories.

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