The TV series ‘Friends’ as well as its starcast will be remembered for time immemorial for their terrific chemistry and humor. Age seems to have picked up on the stars of the epic comical television series and Courteney Cox plastic surgery suspicions have been doing rounds of the media for some years now. She has even come out accepting opting for Botox injections and stating that Botox is ‘fantastic and horrible.’

Courteney Cox will turn 50 this June. At the peak of her career, she along with her Friends female co-stars was stated as the highest paid TV actress of all time at $1 million-per-episode. After Friends concluded, Courteney went on to do Cougar Town, a comedy series on ABC. She earned her first Academy nomination for her role in Cougar Town. Besides acting, Courteney has also donned hats of a producer (she owns a production house – Coquette Productions) and director. For entertaining the audience since 1984, she has received numerous awards and nominations, including the Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year Awards.


Suspected Surgeries: Lip Injections, Botox Injections and Cheek Implants

The American Actress has been alleged of going under the knife ample number of times. Most recently it was in July, 2013 that Courteney Cox’s face appeared altered. On the set of her new film ‘Hello I Must Be Going’ the actress came with very puffy unrecognizable cheeks. Her eyes also appeared swollen. The lips also looked very big on her face. Courteney’s fans complained that she looked terrible and has destroyed her face. Her lips were overdone and the skin appeared very tight. Cheek Implants as well as lip injections have been supposed by many pundits. Botox has supposedly left a permanent surprise look on her face.

In an interview with InStyle magazine, Courteney Cox accepted that she goes for Botox Injections from time to time in order to combat ageing of the skin. The American Actress is in love with her body and is having a hard time with growing old. She further stated that she does not go for Botox Injections as often as other celebrities. The surgery results were a bad surprise for Courteney. She felt like frozen in her own skin.

Courtney Cox plastic surgery before and after

Courtney Cox plastic surgery before and after

Botox injections tighten the skin on the face and helps in hiding ageing skins like wrinkles from appearing on the face. This happened in case of Courteney Cox plastic surgery as well. Being an actress expressing and emoting freely is not possible when your face skin is tightened.

Breast Augmentation

Soon after Courteney Cox separated from her husband David Arquette, Courteney Cox breast implants photos surfaced on the internet. These photos showed Courteney bathing and enjoying herself at Hawaiian beach in a green bikini. Berverly Hills plastic surgeons corroborated the Courteney Cox breast augmentation suspecting unnatural roundness on the upper pole of the breast. An increase in breast volume was also suspected. Some other professional plastic surgeons, however, argue that Cox’s naturally thin frame could make her breasts appear larger.

Courtney Cox breast implants before and after

Courtney Cox breast implants before and after

There have been mixed responses to the Courteney Cox plastic surgery results. Some of her fans find her plastic look better as it have revamped Courteney’s old looking face, giving it a new shine. Others feel that the results are horrible and she looked much better naturally. The best part is the actress has bravely come out and stated undergoing Botox.

Let us know your opinion. Should Courteney have opted for Botox Injections? And does Courteney Cox before and after photos feel she has opted for other surgeries as well?

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