We take all the necessary steps to present unique and credible information to our readers. To this end, we respect the intellectual property of other authors, contributors and publishers. We stand firm against plagiarism and Copyright Infringement.

If you believe beyond reasonable doubt that your work has been plagiarized, you are advised to follow the necessary steps as outlined in our notice and procedure for Copyright Infringement claims. You can also send email to admin {at} MindBlowingWorld.com (Please replace {at} with @) and we shall read, determine and respond to you appropriately.

The Act from which we refer for Copyright Infringement claims is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We have a Designated Agent to whom you can submit notice of your Copyright Infringement claim against our site.

For it to be actionable, the notification of your Copyright Infringement Claim should be put in a written form and must include the following details:

– A comprehensive statement putting forward the fact that you are the owner of the exclusive intellectual right, which you claim to have been infringed. Alternatively, you may write a statement showing that you are the authorized agent of the owner on whose behalf you act and that the exclusive right has been infringed.

– A statement that the information included in the notification is accurate as to the best of your knowledge.

– A signature which can be in an electronic format.

– An identification of the material alleged to be copyrighted. In case of multiple copyrighted works, a single notification listing all the infringements will suffice.

– An identification of the copyright material that is said to be infringing. The information should be sufficient to enable us to locate the alleged material.

You should also include your valid contact details either as the owner or agent to enable us to respond to your claim.

Our site will endeavor to respond to your DMCA complaints within a reasonable time and manner. If your claim is verified and genuine, we shall proceed to remove the material from our site.

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