Most dog owners tend to groom their pets themselves, but it is not very easy, especially if your dog gets annoyed. This is where a professional dog groomer can help. Dog grooming is the best way to show love towards your favorite pet. Just like humans, your dog needs to be groomed for having killer looks that will make other dog owner’s jealous.

Dog groomers are spread throughout the country and you can locate one in your area with ease. But before you decide to get some beauty treatment for your dog you must know how much does dog grooming cost.

Small Breeds

For small sized breeds that don’t have long hair, and don’t need complex haircuts, charges range from $30-$60. Breeds that fall under this category include Maltese, Labrador, Cocker Spaniel, miniature poodle and similar dogs. The lower price range is due to less effort. So the basic rule is that the more time and effort it takes, the higher will be the charges.Dog grooming cost

Medium to Large Sized Breeds

Medium to large sized breeds that have short hair, and don’t need complicated cuts are charged around $60-$80 for a grooming session. The higher price for this category is due to large size of the animal. Common breeds that are charged this price include Afghan hound, Chow, Wheaten terrier, and the golden retriever.

Breeds with Long Hair/Large Size

Medium to large sized breeds having thick hair and need time taking haircuts, or the giant sized breeds are charged around $80-$100. Giving the perfect cut to a poodle is pretty difficult, which is my most groomers charge the most for grooming a poodle. Saint Bernard, mountain dogs and the Great Pyrenees are amongst the breeds that are charged most for grooming.

Bath Only Grooming

In case your dog doesn’t need a haircut, but needs other treatments, the price would be 50% to 70% of the full price. This type of treatment is usually called bath only grooming, but isn’t limited to bathing.

Extra Costs

Special treatments have additional costs apart from the basic package. De-matting costs around $7-$9 for breeds having long hair. If you are willing to pay $5-$10 extra the groomer will use a flea killing shampoo, or a skin healing oatmeal shampoo. The groomer will even give a hot oil treatment if you are willing to pay some extra money. Skunk odor removal is a necessary procedure for some dogs, and it costs just $10. Hand cutting gives a unique look, but it is both time consuming and expensive. You may have to pay $10-$30 extra for hand cutting, depending upon your dog’s hair length and size.

Grooming Your Dog


Overall, dog grooming isn’t inexpensive, but the love you get from your pets in return is priceless. Having a dog with flea issues in your house is a big health risk for you and your family. Similarly, several other issues are raised when your pet doesn’t get the required treatments. If there are a couple of dog groomers in your area, simply ask them how much does dog grooming cost. You should compare their prices and choose one that offers good services, without charging more than above mentioned prices.

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