Whether it is in forums or review sites, it is common to hear people addressing this question: how much are dog shots? First of all, you need to be aware of the fact that vaccination for dogs is very essential if you are to protect them from contracting disease that could be fatal.

Rearing of dogs is a financial responsibility because there are lots of things that need to be covered. There are medical costs in addition to the cost of maintenance and foods that need to be factored in.

Core-Shots and Non-Core Shots

Dog shots can be classified into to broad categories: core shots and non-core shots. Core shots are those that need to be administered to each and every dog as a routine vaccination exercise. Non-core shots on the other hand are administered only during times when there are risks of contracting certain diseases.

Some of the core vaccinations include: Rabies, Parvovirus, canine distemper and hepatitis. Non-core shots may include anything from Para influenza to corona virus to Lyme vaccine.

Dog Shots Cost

Average Cost of Dog Shots

In the first year, the cost of vaccinating puppies ranges from $20-$200 while the cost of immunizing adult dogs can average between $60 and $100. The gap between $60 and $100 is explained by the age of the dog and vet charge variations. You need to get your puppies vaccinated as early as 5 weeks because this is when they are at prone to infectious diseases.

The rates for government sponsored vet centers are a bit lower compared to private pet care centers. Most humane organizations and government pet hospitals charge between $10-$100 for puppies and $40-$80 for adult dogs. Also try to get a combination of shots instead of separate shots. This can lower your costs significantly. If you adopt pets from animal shelters, you many benefit from a first free round of vaccinations.

Dog SwimmingYou can also have your vets vaccinated at home as opposed to a clinic. This will reduce the facility costs which will in turn reduce the overall cost payable by you. Most pet clinics have satellite vet workshops that you can benefit from.

Dog shots are generally protective in nature and are aimed at preventing life-threatening complications. There are some side effects however that come with these shots which may include swelling, allergic reactions and fever. The effects are however temporal in nature and should pass away 2 days after the vaccinations.

Additional Medical Costs

Apart from the cost of the shots, pet owners need to also look at the laboratory tests, routine parasite control and treatment and physical examinations all which have additional cost bearings. For puppy’s veterinary care, you will have to pay between $100 and $200. For the older dogs, the same service will cost approximately $150-$250 every year. The reason for higher home and medical care services for puppies is due to their weak immune system that causes them to attract frequent vet visits. Dogs beyond 8 years also require specialized medical care to prevent cases of arthritis and other chronic ailments.

Despite the higher cost of pets, it is always good to start immunizing them from an early age. This will help you avoid more expensive treatments in future and will lead to healthier lives.

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