News of Dominique Sachse plastic surgery has been making rounds in social media and forums. The channel 2 news anchor is believed to have undergone cosmetic procedures to enhance her looks.

Many people who watch her argue that the reason she decided to go through the surgeon’s knife was to create an appeal that would endear her more to her fans. There is also a general belief that age was slowly catching up with her and as such she needed to move quick and fast to arrest the traces before they took toll on her.

What surgeries did she undergo?

Looking at her, you would realize without a single doubt that her appearance has changed significantly. From the way she looked in her days as a reporter to her current looks, there seems to be a transition from natural beauty to some plastic kind of appearance. There are three particular cosmetic procedures that she is said to have undergone:

Brest Implants

This is one area that has clearly shown significant changes. In her previous photos, her bust looked sizeable. It seems that she did not like this and needed an operation to make her breasts round and bigger in size.

Dominique Sachse Plastic Surgery

Dominique Sachse after plastic surgery

Also after giving birth, there were some slight distortions in her breasts especially due to breast feeding and all. Following all this, she opted to go through the surgeon’s scalpel so as to reconstruct her bust as well as look more appealing to her fans. After the breast implant, her bust looked much fuller and round-the Hollywood style. However, they do not look natural and they have somewhat distorted her looks.


It is no longer a debatable issue whether Dominique Sachse underwent a nose job or not. It is clear and looking at her nose in her before and after photos you will see some notable differences. Her nose is now thinner and sharper than it used to be before. It is also more refined and looks modified in a way. This could have been done to make it fitting to the face.

Dominique Sachse

Dominique Sachse

Botox Treatment

Her face and cheeks are very smooth and the skin tightened. There are no visible wrinkles on her face and her lips are much fuller than they were in her days as a reporter. This was made possible through the action of Botox treatments where chemicals like Juvederm and collagen are injected into the skin to make it full, smooth and devoid of wrinkles.

All in all the surgical procedure left her looking rather plastic and out of touch with her old looks.

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