Donna Mills plastic surgery has received considerable attention in celebrity and beauty magazines because of how it has transformed the appearance of the celebrity. Even through she is no longer young, she still looks amazing with a refined skin tone. For a person in her 70s, this is the least expected of her.

Donna Mills has played lots of staring roles in television series and films. This has made her name famous and every celebrity columnist has been keeping tabs on what she has been up to. The recent attention that she has received has nothing to do with her being a senior actress instead it is everything to do with her alleged plastic procedures.

Plastic surgery in its nature has no age limits and virtually everyone can procure it starting from the young celebrities who want to enhance their looks to their older counterparts who want to erase the signs of aging. Donna Mills falls in the later category because there seems to be a clear ambition within her to maintain her youthful looks even as she advances into her 70s.

Why Donna Mills must have had cosmetic surgery?

The main reason why Donna Mills plastic surgery allegations are fast spreading is the fact that the celebrity seems to be aging backwards. As her peers experience wrinkled skins and crows feet lines, she seems to be basking in the glory of her reinvented youthfulness.

Donna Mills

Donna Mills via

If you compare her before and after photos, you can clearly see the difference in appearance. Her latest photos show a much more improved Donna Mills than her previous images. This is what gossip columnists cannot comprehend, looking your best at 70s while every one else around you is struggling with the effects of age.

What the photos reveal

The most outstanding area that anyone looking at her photos recognizes is her face. It is a fact that Donna’s face is fresh, smooth and flawless despite her age. In addition, the skin appears tights and devoid of wrinkles which many people would have definitely expected at her age. The famous crows feet line, stress lines and other aging lines are not anywhere near her.

What are the probable plastic procedures?

Based on her appearance, there are some procedures that are more likely than others. According to Dr. Youn, an authority in the field of cosmetic procedures, Donna Mills could have had the following surgical operations done on her:

Botox injections

This procedure is usually undertaken by celebrities in a bid to reverse the effects of aging. It concentrates on the skin and aims at eliminating effects of aging such as wrinkles, crows feet lines and laugh lines.

Donna Mills plastic surgery before and after

Donna Mills plastic surgery before and after

Based on the latest looks that Donna Mills has, the chances of her having gone through this are very high. Botox chemicals such as Juvederm and Restylane could have been injected in a bid to tighten the skin.


The face seems to have gotten more procedures than just Botox. The lifting and adjusting of facial features may have led to the bright appearance and smooth face as we can see in her after photos.


It is no doubt that the surgeon responsible for Donna Mills plastic surgery was experienced and skilled. He gave his best and the celebrity now looks more beautiful that she was in her 30s.

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