Dyan Cannon plastic surgery has made her defy age and all that comes along with it.

At the age of 76, one would expect to see a body and facial appearance that is weak, full of wrinkles and bony. Dyan Cannon however doesn’t look her age, she is sensational and energetic. She looks 30 years younger than she really is.

Being a Hollywood personality, she is well famous and well known by the public. Her role in the movie ‘Pink Panther’ brought her even more attention.

Her health is said to have deteriorated significantly during her 2 year marriage with Cary Grant (a Holywood legend) because the latter ostensibly fed her with a hallucinating drug known as LSD.

Dyan Cannon plastic surgery claims

Dyan Cannon

Dyan Cannon

Because of her somewhat brutal past especially after the dosage of LSD, many people would have expected that her health would weaken and at the age of 76, she would look weary and spent.

From the way she looks however, it seems that age doesn’t seem to catch up with her because she is evergreen. This has made people to throw in the possibilities of plastic surgery, in fact that seem to be the case. Below are some of the likely surgeries she may have undergone:

Facelift and Filler Injections

The face on her skin is devoid of wrinkles and all the lines have cleared. They have instead been replaced with a smooth and tight-skinned face. This seems to be the action of Botox injections. It is the only known procedure that results into a youthful look especially around the face.

Lip injections have also contributed to the puffy and plumper look which many women long to have nowadays. He cheeks were also given a filler injection that has prevented them from sagging.

Liposuction Procedure

Looking at the toned body of the celebrity, you would be surprised that she is almost 80. Your best guess would probably be 50. She is also said to have undergone a liposuction process where all the unwanted body fat was sucked out leaving her lean and fit.

Dyan Cannon plastic surgery before and after

Dyan Cannon plastic surgery before and after

The Results and General Opinion

The reason behind her motivation to go through the surgeon’s knife at her age may be questionable but some critics say that the fear of being relegated into the entertainment oblivion played a huge role. Despite some people isolating her case as a bad example, others say that it has given her lots of benefits. Looking 40 at 76 is more of an achievement than something to be sorry about.

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