Elizabeth Berkley plastic surgery is based on rumors which could either be true or false. The actress who is in her forties looks very beautiful.

This is quite unexpected because with age external beauty is meant to fade but for her case it is the opposite. Her skin is looking more youthful and her face glowing thanks to her role in the TV show CSI-Miami.

Being in the public domain few people would have imagined that she could survive with only makeup instead of cosmetic processes. Although her stand is firm that she did not procure any of those, rumors are still coming out that the actress is denying the truth to give credibility to her side of the story.

Why she thinks that the critics are wrong

In presenting her side of the story through media and tabloids, the celebrity has pointed towards two things that those advocating for her plastic procedures have used. One of them is the alteration of photos through applications such as Photoshop.

Elizabeth Berkley plastic surgery

Elizabeth Berkley plastic surgery before and after

She claims that some of the photos that have been showcased have been edited and they do not present the true version of the story. This could be partially true because technology has gone to an advanced stage where deliberate manipulation of images has been done to malign someone’s reputation.

Secondly, Elizabeth Berkley has termed as misinterpretation that her usage of makeup is associated with any surgical procedures. She claims that the makeup that she applies can be confused with artificial cosmetic processes that enhance beauty. These are allegations that could have some true but cannot be wholly used to negate the fact that the celebrity went under the surgeon’s knife.

Cosmetic procedures being suspected

Looking at Elizabeth Berkley, there are a number of things that you will recognize including the size of her bust, the shape of her nose, the fairness of her skin as well as the enhanced look on her face. These observations have given rise to the following surgical rumors.


The shape of her nose has changed though slightly. It looks narrow with a sharp tip that is also refined. This is a change from her before surgery photos where her nose was a bit thick and her nostrils wide. Also, the bridge is narrow meaning that some work was done on her nose. Nasal cosmetic procedures can be clearly visualized if you take before and after photos and compare them side to side.

Elizabeth Berkley nose job before after

Elizabeth Berkley nose job before after

Breast Augmentation

The size of Elizabeth Berkley bust looks enhanced. Even though breasts grow with time, the rate at which hers have increased cannot be justified through natural processes. She must have undergone the surgeon’s knife so as to enhance them in order to balance her body structure.


This is a trademark procedure for many celebrities. It is usually done through the injection of chemicals into the skin. This stretches the skin first of all making it tight and also smooth. Elizabeth Berkley looks too fine for a person her age. The wrinkles are absent and stress lines missing.

Elizabeth Berkley plastic surgery in case it happened was done in such a subtle way such that no traces were left and yet the celebrity looks very beautiful.

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