Elizabeth McGovern has been known for glamourous costumes on Downtown Abbey. But alike other celebrities the American beauty has also been under the scanner; Elizabeth McGovern Plastic Surgery stories have been widely circulated since 2012. Does someone so talented like her need to go under the knife? Moreover, has Elizabeth actually opted for any cosmetic surgeries or are the allegations purely rumour mill stories. Let us find out.

Elizabeth is 52. For her age she does not have a wrinkle on her face. No ageing sign on the face over 50 years of age is very astonishing. What is interesting to note is Elizabeth McGovern Plastic Surgery before and after photos suggest that the actress has actually gone under the knife.

In 2011 a smiling Elizabeth McGovern face showed some wrinkles. Come 2012 and the same smile shot for the camera does not lead to a single wrinkle or line on the face. Rather, the Elizabeth’s skin appears smooth and tight. No amount of make-up or healthy lifestyle incorporating exercise can pull a miracle alike this. Cosmetic surgeries like Botox, Facelift and Eye raise are suspected and offer possible explanations.

Elizabeth McGovern

Botox, Facelift, Eye raise and Dermal Fillers

The American celebrities increasingly tend to resort to plastic surgeries to endure their careers onscreen. As they age, opting for surgeries is the only option to prevent the ageing signs. The facial features need to be prominent in order to make the cut.

Now with sagging skin below the eyes and wrinkles as well lines on face Elizabeth was nearing a probable end of her sparkling career. But soon enough she appears to have gone for Botox injections to get rid of wrinkles. Facelift can be attributed to her looking younger. Some dermal injections also seem to have been subtly performed.

The saggy skin under Elizabeth McGovern’s eyes is no more. Thanks to Eye raise procedure. Her eyes also seem to be opened up.

Elizabeth McGovern has once spoken against plastic surgery. She was confused why women opt for it. She said, “It’s always confused me why women do it. And the other thing that no one quite says is even if you’ve got your face perfectly smooth, as soon as you bring your hands up, or reveal your neck, the game’s up. It’s like two different people sewn on to the same frame.”

Elizabeth Mcgovern plastic surgery

Elizabeth Mcgovern then and now

Elizabeth McGovern seems to have taken a complete U-turn after this 2010 interview. It is not new though for celebrities to be secretive about their cosmetic surgeries.

Elizabeth is such a terrific multi-talented individual. Her most notable movie roles came in the movies Ragtime, Johnny Handsome and The Handmaid’s Tale. She has also performed extensively on television (including the shows Law & Order, Tales from the Crypt besides Downton Abbey) and is a remarkable theatre artist. Not many know of her brilliant songwriting and music composing skills. Elizabeth, when you are such a talent, please accept that it is only human to grow old. If people like you can come out in the open, at least revealing plastic beauty it will be much appreciated.

What is your take on the Elizabeth McGovern plastic surgery results? Do you believe that the multi-talented actress has actually gone under the knife?

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