Rumors of Elle Macpherson plastic surgery spread like bush fire in the savannah forests. It was however expected of a supermodel that has such a wide fan base and international repute. The celebrity, who was nicknamed “body” by the Time Magazine following her appearance on their cover, began her career in 1982.

This is however a side story, the main one revolves around the issue of plastic surgery which she is presumably said to have undergone. True to the speculation and the allegations being floated around, she looks youthful in appearance and more beautiful than before. To confirm this, you need to look at her before and after photos.

The change in her looks made people speculate on the possible surgeries that the star is likely to have undergone. Jointly considered, the rumors point toward some specific cosmetic procedures that the celebrity is likely to have procured to make her look the way she is today.

Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery Before and After

These surgical operations are as listed below:

Botox Treatment

The first sign of Botox cosmetic procedures is the disappearance of wrinkles. Well, wrinkles can disappear through so many other procedures but when you consider it collectively with factors such as age, you can definitely tell that Botox played a major role in that.

Her forehead is unnaturally smooth and there are no stress lines as would be expected in a woman her age. Apart from the forehead, her knee also seems to have benefited from the injections because the wrinkles down there disappeared too. All in all this procedure was done well.

Elle Macpherson plastic surgery

Elle Macpherson plastic surgery – Botox, Rhinoplasty & Lip injections

Rhinoplasty procedure

This is the second cosmetic procedure she is likely to have procured. According to experts, her nose was slightly out of place when compared to her face. She specifically went through this operation to make everything else tally and to make her general appearance amazing.

Lip injections

Looking at the lips of the 49 year old, you would notice some aspects that were not there before. Both the lower and upper lips are now full and plumped unlike they were previously. Looking at how fleshy they are at her age when everything else should be slowly shrinking, you can easily tell that substances such as restylane and juvederm are likely to have been injected.

Breast Implants

Elle Macpherson breast implants

Elle Macpherson breast implants

Her breasts have also increased in size making them appear much bigger and fuller. This could be the result of breast augmentation. The star however denies and brushes off the rumors saying that the breasts are completely natural and healthy.

Despite some sectional disagreements, Elle Macpherson plastic surgery seems a success.

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