Emily Procter plastic surgery rumors are no news to the fans of the CSI: Miami American actress. Just like it is with the other celebrities, when the rumors about her alleged plastic surgery first hit the gossip floor, there was denial from every corner.

Pundits however still maintain the possibility that the celebrity could have undergone breast implants and boot fillers. Those defending her say that her much fuller facial appearance is the result of her after-pregnancy effects. This is however too good an explanation to be true; her face seems more shiny and smooth than before.

Botox fillers

At her age, 45, Emily Procter’s face is puffy and much smooth. This can only be the result of Botox fillers because there is no product on earth that can achieve such tremendous results without the intervention of a surgeon’s scalpel. Her smooth and puffy cheeks look somehow artificial and frozen. The facial skin is also a bit tight further confirming the action of Botox injections which have a tendency of eliminating the wrinkles and visible lines.

Emily Procter Plastic Surgery Before & After

Emily Procter Plastic Surgery Before & After

Critics suggest that this could as well be case of a plastic surgery gone sour. Her looks have assumed a more artificial and doll-like appearance. Many of her fans also decry her new look saying that it’s more of a masked face and that her old look was amazing.

Breast Augmentation

Although the celebrity is yet to agree to this plastic surgical procedure, doing a photo comparison will actually confirm many of those rumors doing rounds. As seen on photo, her breasts size has definitely increased and their shape more fitting than before. The pictures also reveal increased volume of the breasts. Implants are usually preferred by celebrities who want to enlarge their burst and cup sizes.

Emily Procter

Emily Procter

Some of her sympathizers and hardliners claim that the increase in breast size was due to her pregnancy. This leaves much to be desired because pregnancy effects are usually temporal and not permanent as it is the case of Emily Procter plastic surgery.

Unlike the in Botox fillers, critics praise the work of the surgeon who did the breast implants. They fit the celebrity well especially at this age when her looks are more important than anything else she owns. The breasts look stunning and natural.

Overall Thoughts on Emily Procter Plastic Surgery

Whether the celebrity agrees or continues to deny the allegations that are all over about her plastic surgery procedure, her looks are now more enhanced and appealing especially the burst. She may however need to undergo some slightly corrective surgical procedures for her facials to make it more natural.

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