Fergie plastic surgery has attracted a lot of attention. The celebrity is a fashion designer, actress and American song writer. The born 1975 celebrity is considered as a stunning woman by many people including her critics. At her late thirties, she still looks amazing, brilliant and fabulous.

Though she is not very old, if you look at her images keenly, you can tell that the celebrity has modified her looks to look more beautiful. There are a number of cosmetic procedures that the celebrity is rumored to have gone through including breast augmentation, Rhinoplasty and Botox injections.

Botox Treatment

Looking at Fergie, one would see the absence of frown lines, stress lines and wrinkles. The face is smooth as well as the other parts of her body that have undergone the Botox injections. Her cheeks are fuller indicating that they may have been injected with chemicals such as Juvederm. Botox treatment when done perfectly has the potential of returning a youthful look to you but on the other hand, it can spoil your overall look when overdone. For the case of Fergie, it seems that the cosmetic specialist who was working on her did a superb job because she is looking more beautiful and gorgeous.

Fergie plastic surgery before and after

Fergie plastic surgery before and after


Her nose also looks slightly modified. It is the desire of every celebrity to have a narrow nose that is thinner, sharper and more refined. This is in a bid to align the nose with the rest of the facial features. Looking at the nose of Fergie today, you would notice that it is somehow narrower and nostrils smaller than they were. The tip of her nose also looks sharper and more refined. This is the work of Rhinoplasty.

Fergie Breast Implants Before and After

It is the desire of so many women especially celebrities to increase the cup size of their breasts. This is so because most of them believe that have bigger boobs will give them a perfect look that blends well with the rest of the body. Looking at the before and after photos of Fergie, it is clear that she underwent breast augmentation. Her cup size has increased evident from the recent photos which expose a much fuller bust.

Fergie breast implants before and after

Fergie breast implants before and after

The bust seems to fit well in her frame and body structure giving her an amazing and glamorous look. This implies that the cosmetic specialist who did the breast implants didn’t go overboard but maintained them within the acceptable range. This gives them a natural look.


The face of Fergie is ever young and one would think that she is aging backwards. Looking at the smooth features of her face and the absence of sagging skin and frown lines has made both her critics and fans conclude that she had a facelift.

Fergie plastic surgery was executed well. Even though the celebrity has not owned undergoing any cosmetic operation, she looks amazingly beautiful and fabulous. Everything was done in the right measure. The cosmetic operations have brought out the best in her. This means that the plastic surgery was done in the hands of skilled and competent surgeons.

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