The exotic 43 year old Gabrielle Anwar made her film debut in the movie Manifesto. After her stupendous success, Gabrielle Anwar plastic surgery photos have been doing rounds on the internet and media.

It has been speculated that not just once, but this British Actress has gone under the knife twice – 2010 and 2012. Gabrielle Anwar plastic surgery 2010 and Gabrielle Anwar plastic surgery 2012 have both been topics of discussion.

Which areas of Gabrielle Anwar’s face appear different?

Gabrielle Anwar is one hell of a hot woman. She has even been considered amongst the 50 most beautiful people in the world. She certainly does not look 43. The most widely contemplated areas where work appears to be done in the actress’s body include the lips, nose, chin and cheeks. Let us study all these facial characteristics and reminiscent surgeries in greater detail.

Lip injections

Gabrielle Anwar before and after plastic surgery

Gabrielle Anwar before and after plastic surgery

The British Actresses’ lips look fuller and thicker when you have a look at Gabrielle’s before and after photos. A little permanent pout is seemingly emerging. The stretched and unnatural curl of the lip advocates injections in small amounts.

Gabrielle Anwar plastic surgery before and after photos indicate Nose, Chin as well as Cheeks injections

Gabrielle now sports a slimmer nose, which is well-defined at the tip. A nose reduction surgery can only lead to such a smoother, narrower and straighter nose.

She allegedly also has higher cheek bones with sharper jaw lines. The star’s sudden long face appearance can be attributed to chin and cheek injections. Gabrielle does look more elegant with her changed facial features.

Gabrielle Anwar then and now

Gabrielle Anwar then and now

Breast Implants Allegation

Gabrielle Anwar experienced a drop in weight. Her body appeared thinner and more toned. But her bra size didn’t change a tad bit. Fat loss generally occurs from all the parts of the body. It didn’t so in the British Actresses’ case; breast implants are probably at play.

Gabrielle has denied the rumor mills. She has come out stating that she does not need any sort of plastic surgery for looking good. She suggested that she embraces getting old and would like to age gracefully. “I don’t want to be one of those women who doesn’t enjoy the aging process. I want to relish what I’m becoming and not be disgraced by it” she said.

Well, even if Gabrielle has gone for surgeries, they appear to have been executed subtlety. There is no denying that she looks uber se#y and elegant at 43. The British actress will always be remembered for dancing as a Tango with Al Pacino in 1992’s Scent of a Woman. She has delivered her best performances in The Tudors and Burn Notice.

Gabrielle Anwar

When you are constantly chased by the paparazzi, such allegations of cosmetic surgeries are but natural. It is difficult to shun away from critics. Gabrielle Anwar plastic surgery rumours cannot be confirmed with the current photo evidences that have been presented by rumour mills. The British Actress has good genes and her beauty cannot be concluded to be plastic at this point of time.

Do you believe in the Gabriele Anwar plastic surgery hypothesis? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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