Gabrielle Union net worth is estimated to be around $16 million.

She makes an average of $2 million as yearly income, majority of which comes from her acting roles. Her best earnings being Top Five with – $1.3 million, Think Like A Man 2 – $1 million, Being Mary Jane – $914,286, Miss Dial – $820,000, and The Door – $700,000. All of these grossed her a nice close to $4.8 million.

Gabrielle has been doing quite well financially. She is among the top highest paid Black actors and actresses, the reason for the constant increase in her net worth. She was worth $8 million, $11 million, $13 million, $14 million and $16 million for the years 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015 respectively.

Early life and career

Born in Nebraska, Omaha, Gabrielle was a model prior to venturing in acting. Among her huge roles are Kristen Dunst in Bring It On, City of Angels as a medical doctor and of course who can forget her in Bad Boys II? She also starred alongside LL Cool J in Deliver Us from Eva in 2003, Cadillac Records with Beyoncé Knowles, Jeffrey Wright and Adrian Body. Gabrielle starred to in the movie Think like a Man and its sequel.

Gabrielle Union net worth

Gabrielle grew up with self-esteem issues from the fact that she was not blond and thus not as beautiful. She at one time revealed her frustration with numerous compliments on her intelligence rather than beauty. Her modelling career jump-started as she interned at the Judith Fontaine Modelling Agency when most people were constantly asking about her.

Upon realizing her acting ability, Gabrielle dropped the modeling runway to pursue acting. Just like many big shot stars, she started out small appearing in minor roles here and there. She was in Saved by the Bell, Love and Basketball and 10 things I hate about you. Gabrielle also made an appearance in major films such as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Sister, Sister and 7th Heaven.

Her “Bring It On” appearance was the greatest contributor to the star’s success as it gave her exposure. Her Bad Boy II earned her good money as the movie grossed over $273 million in global earnings. She worked with Jamie Fox a second time in “Breaking All The Rules” that did not do well with the critics. She however managed to win the Palm Beach International Festival for best actress for her roles in the film Neo Ned.

Gabrielle Union with Dwyane Wade

Gabrielle Union with Dwyane Wade

Personal life

Gabrielle is a close friend to the talk show Queen Oprah Winfrey whom she says helped her get over her rape experience. She was raped as a teenager but her attacker later turned himself in. Gabrielle has since been a strong advocate in protecting the girl child from such experiences.

She even defended Rihanna‘s music video Man Down where a girl is seen killing the man who raped her sighting that it is good to feel like some justice happened. She has also been an activist on numerous issues including the controversial saga of the murder of the young Trayvon Martin by policeman George Zimmerman whom no action was taken against him.

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade's private jet

Private jet

Notably, Gabrielle is an incredible actress that always brings us killer performances. She has come from very far, surviving rape and all the self-esteem issues to be where she is today. In addition to her acting, she is a philanthropist and a strong advocator for women rights.

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