Being a celebrity comes at a cost since your actions are followed every single second. The Geena Davis plastic surgery episode has been doing rounds on the internet and the television for quite a while now. Her current husband is a plastic surgeon which actually corroborates the supposition. When a celebrity suddenly starts looking younger or prettier than their previous public appearance, suspicions go rampant.

As a celebrity you are constantly being chased by paparazzi. Getting clicked at every public event is rather inevitable. Now some of these snapshots might actually work against you when you decide to go for cosmetic enhancements. For conclusive evidence of change in appearance of celebrities, media-houses publish speculative stories.

In this case “Geena Davis plastic surgery before and after” have been doing rounds on the internet. Such photos highlight the assets of a celebrity’s appearance – how his/her facial features (eyes, nose, and lips in particular) have enhanced.

Geena Davis plastic surgery before after photos

Geena Davis plastic surgery before after photos

If we have a look at any of the Geena Davis plastic surgery before and after photos we can definitely spot differences in Geena’s appearances. Strikingly, Geena looks younger and fresher with tighter skin. At the age of 57, looking so gorgeous without any sag on the skin is actually a big accomplishment. And no, only a strict diet plus exercise routine cannot achieve it. So, facelift and facial filler are possible explanations for the newfound prettiness on Geena’s face. Her after photos also reveal that she does not have wrinkles or frown lines on her forehead. This indicates a possible Botox injection, which sublimates the skin.

Among other speculations include a lip augmentation, since Geena’s lips now appear fuller. But it is also argued by some that from her teenage, Geena always had sexy and fuller lips. An eyelid surgery has also been suggested by some fashion pundits as Geena’s eyes now appear to be wide open, free from crow’s feet line. It is suggestive that she also went for a Blepharoplasty surgery.

Geena Davis then and now

Geena Davis then and now

Geena Davis is an extremely brilliant artist. There is no second opinion about it. Having essayed diverse roles as an actor, producer, writer, fashion model and even an Olympic athlete, her talents are superlative. She has won an Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actress for her movie ‘The Accidental Tourist’ and was awarded the Best Actress at Gold Globe for her role in ‘Commander in Chief’ TV Series. Besides, she has also received over 20 award nominations in various categories.

The question that arises is: Did someone with so beautiful talents like her, need to go under the knife?


Everyone has the right to look beautiful and attractive. Moreover, her profession actually requires going under the knife for enhancing bodily features. The admiration of Geena and her inner splendor remain the same even if she has gone for plastic surgeries.

Geena Davis - the natural beauty

Geena Davis – the natural beauty

The pictures of Geena Davis are suggestive of one or more cosmetic surgeries taken up by the 57 year old. Her facial features have enhanced and she appears youthful as well as fresh. Let Geena take some advantage of her husband’s brilliant surgery skills, aye?

How do you think are the surgeries are going to affect Geena’s already sparkling career? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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