George Clooney net worth has been on the rise over the years, having a total of about $180 million to his name.

He is an award winning American actor, producer, film director and a screen writer. This middle aged still incredibly handsome actor has managed to remain almost critics free from online bloggers and rumor sites.

He is globally renowned for his role in the block buster movies Ocean eleven of which he has won an Academy Award and 3 Golden Globes for his performances. This ladies’ man comes from a line of good genes with his mother being a former runner up of the Miss Kentucky pageant. His 2010 earnings were estimated at a good $19 million which is nothing compared to his $46 million earnings in the year 2013 alone!

His Hollywood career in the early 1978 on a minor role in the Centennial and the early 90’s medical drama ER then later on a medical drama by the same name. Clooney also appeared in numerous television series such as Facts of Life, Rosanne and Golden Girls.

George Clooney net worth

Although he is popularly known for his Ocean films, it was his appearance in the hit movie From Dusk to Dawn that really brought him to our radar. He is also actively involved in political causes such as fundraising after the disastrous earthquake in 2010 and the Darfur conflict.

With an amazing $180 million is enough for Clooney to blow off and go into early retirement. He rarely appears in front of the camera for movie roles and is more seen behind the scenes in production and directing. These are really paying off gaining him even more million dollars than acting roles, none the less, acting was what got him to where he currently is.

He recently hit the tabloids and celebrity newsstands with reports that the long time bachelor was considering re-marrying. His wedding with the drop dead diva Amal Alamuddin expensed roughly 1000-3200 pounds per night on the 14th century palace. Although the bride’s family offered to cater for all wedding expenses, and booked the two a romantic night for two at the lavish Belmond Hotel Cipriani which costs $1490 per night!

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

Clooney though paid the expensive 600 pounds for a ten minute ceremony at the capital city of Italy. At that price one would expect the area to be encrusted with Gold or lined with top of the line Cashmere carpets, but no, the place is just ostentatious and not accessible for the common citizen.

At least we convinced that Amal did not marry the star for his money as she comes from a pretty loaded family herself. She is the legal adviser of royal King of Bahrain and secretary to the UN, Kofi Annan. Her personal net worth amounts to a decent $2 million making the couples combined net worth to $182 million.

George Clooney

Source: nypost

Forbes has named Clooney among the highest paid actors internationally, citing that he may have been paid $20 million in the latest Ocean Eleven blockbuster. This is a huge improvement comparing that the actor previously received only $10 million for his Batman and Robin roles.

His good looks were not without their charm, he was able to land major advertising endorsements that added onto his already massive net worth.

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