There are so many breeds of dogs out there that are offered for sale. One of the outstanding breed is the German shepherd. It has a stunning appearance making it a darling of many dog lovers. What many people have not however ascertained is how much do German shepherds cost.

This is a question that anyone who wants to either to own a German shepherd just for fun or for business needs to ask himself. Read along to find out more about this.

German shepherds have a wolf like physique and appearance. They have excellent abilities and can perform their assignments well. This explains the reason why they are one of the most sought after dog breeds. They come in different colors with some having whitish brown fur while others are off white.

In the areas where they use dogs to tend flocks of sheep, German shepherds are often praised for their ability to blend well with the flock thereby keeping them together without any distractions.

German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies

The Cost of German Shepherds

Some of the qualities that make these dogs to be in demand are their fearless attribute, hard work and excellence factor. They are also very loyal and can adapt to different conditions giving their owners a rare feel of flexibility.

Every dog owner has their own reasons why they keep them. Some do it out of companionship, others out of guarding while still others just train them for shows and displays. When it comes to buying the dog, there are options available. Some may opt for puppies while others tend to prefer grownups. Compared to puppies from pet shops, high pedigree champions from a superior breed tend to cost more.

Adult German Shepherd

Adult German Shepherd

The dollar amount of German shepherds oscillates between $750 and $1,200. This price normally changes to a slightly higher amount if the purchase is being made from a well known breeder. However you need to be very careful because even the reputed breeder may not be selling the best puppies around.

If you feel your budget is less and as such you cannot afford the superior breed, you can get a healthy puppy at between $500 and $600. You could also be lucky to come across German shepherd owners who may be fed up with keeping dogs and are either giving them up for free or selling them at a lower price. Here you can get one from $100 to $350.

Grooming Cost

Whenever you are looking at the cost of a German shepherd, you also need to look at the grooming cost. It helps in keeping the dogs healthier and free from diseases. Grooming is an envelope term which may include exercise, training, maintaining mental stability and diet.

Cute German Shepherd

The way you groom the dog will be determined by the functions that is set to perform. If for instance you are grooming a dog for purposes of guarding, then you need to exercise it regularly and give it the diet necessary for muscle build up.

You will need to hire professional dog trainers. These specialists usually charge per hour of training or per session. Private training may cost between $240 and $600 for a period of 6 weeks. Training schools on the other hand will charge you $950-$2,500. There is a third option which is group training. This is where dogs of similar or different breeds are trained together. This form of training is the cheapest and it will cost like $40-$125.

A balance diet is also mandatory if your dog is to grow in a healthy way. Regular checkups should also be included as part of the cost.

Always go for great bargains. In this you will get a lovely dog at a fair price.

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