Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery is not the first amongst American TV hosts, there has been several procedures done by TV hosts both male and female. Greta Van Susteren is a legal commentary specialist and she has earned high profile jobs that have kept her in the public arena for a very long time.

Born in 1954, the celebrity is well into her late fifties. This means that in terms of appearance signs of aging could be catching on her. Just like other TV personalities, appearance is very critical to career success. Greta Van Susteren knowing this, she decided to go through a number of procedures to enhance her beauty.

According to critics, the celebrity said that she has bags in her eyes and she would love to have them removed. This is in addition to rumors that when she was offered a job at Fox part of the agreement involved her undergoing plastic surgery so as to accentuate her looks. Being in CNN and Fox, the celebrity must have been subjected into undue pressure to give in to plastic surgery. According to close observers, the following are some of the procedures that Greta Van Susteren could have undertaken.

Eye Lift

Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery before and after

Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery before and after

This cannot escape your attention if you are keen enough. In the before plastic surgery photos, the celebrity had started developing bags under her eyes and the amicable way of sorting this out was through eye lift. This cosmetic procedure leaves behind very bright and alert eyes, the kind Greta Van Susteren needed for her TV career. Even if she denies it, having such attentive eyes at her age is just but a mere dream.

Botox Operations

This has become a common practice in cosmetic surgery. Many of those people who go through Botox usually long for a stretched skin that is devoid of wrinkles, stress lines and sagging skin. Greta Van Susteren is almost at 60 and this means so much to the appearance of her skin. The youthfulness is gone and age is catching up with her. Thanks to chemicals such as Juvederm and Restylane, she can reclaim back her youthful skin and appearance once more.

Greta Van Susteren

Greta Van Susteren


This is a major asset more so to TV presenters. It is very important that you always look bright and cheerful. An aging face does not give a chance for such expressions. This explains why it becomes almost necessary that you go for a facelift.

Greta Van Susteren could not have been an exception because in TV, she gets watched a lot a fact that puts so much pressure on her to maintain great look. Her facials are youthful and bright enough to keep her career in check.

Nose Job

This is a rumored operation that Greta Van Susteren is said to have gone through. Critics have examined the shape of her nose, nostrils and the bridge. They have seen it as a bit unnatural especially when compared to her before and after plastic surgery photos.


All decisions considered, Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery was a great option for the TV personality who wanted to maintain her beauty and protect her career.

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