There has never been a question as broad as this one. This is due to the fact that the cost of a guinea pig incorporates lots of elements that must be considered each in isolation then together as one whole.

A guinea pig is a rodent but an increasing number of people have fallen love with it. Guinea pig costs an average of between $24 and $35 and you can find them in pet stores.

This cost only caters for the pet and does not include any other structures such as cages or accessories. You can either buy a cage or construct your own. Buying is usually preferred due to time and cost aspect. You can buy cages at $ 70-$150. The price range is explained by the size and design of the cage.

The good thing about the cages is that when you invest in one, if will serve you for long periods of time unless you are planning to add many more guinea pigs whereby you also need to add the cages.

Cute Guinea Pigs

Cute Guinea Pigs

Many people mistakenly consider the size of the guinea pig and draw a conclusion that they must be relatively cheaper to handle. This is inaccurate because from experience and research findings, the monthly charges involved are considerably significant.

Before you come to the monetary cost aspect, there are lots of things to consider.

Pellets and hay

These need to be of the highest possible quality. Low quality hay can be counterproductive and instead of boosting the health of the guinea pig, it may upset their digestive system and cause health issues. It is recommended that you identify local hay sources that will sell it to you at a cheaper cost.

Guinea pig with cat

Guinea pig with cat – sweet friendship


These also form a significant portion of the overall cost of the guinea pig. There are several options to this. You can make your own, buy the entire bedding structure every month or buy liners at a one off fee. With the liners, you stand to benefit from the fact that you do not have to fold or bind the liner to your cage. For the beddings you need to set aside $15-$20.

The veggies

Veggies are among the most expensive elements in the maintenance of guinea pigs. As we all know, veggies are seasonal meaning that there are times when they will completely disappear or become very rare. During summer, veggies such as lettuce can be bought at 70 cents. When winter comes however, the same lettuce can go for as much as $1.50. This would mean more costs incurred during this period. This cost does not include bell peppers which average $2.00/ lbs during winter.

Guinea Pig and Dog

Guinea Pig and Dog

Vet Costs

In the breeding of guinea pigs, you can never escape the cost of a vet. No matter how much you take care of your lovely guinea pigs you a need will still arise for veterinary services. This simple means that you need to set aside a small budget to cater for this. A standard saving should be about $10 per month.

As a whole the monthly cost of maintaining a guinea pig can be around $40-$60. To save on costs, you can buy the feeds in bulk and store them carefully. You can also opt to buy locally from farmers instead of going to pet stores.

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