Anytime you mention Gweni Stefani, two things immediately come into mind; her career and the much touted Gwen Stefani plastic surgery. Being a celebrity, Gwen Stefani cannot hide the fact that her life is being closely monitored by many people and anything she does is carefully analyzed by pundits all over the globe.

Celebrities are always under pressure to look the part especially from their fans. While some are strong enough and understand how to control the pressure, others are not as strong-willed and they most often than not succumb to the pressure and resort to plastic procedures.

One of the aspects about Gwen Stefani that has made people to suspect her having procured plastic surgery is her perfect body. Inasmuch as she had a beautiful body, few would expect that she would maintain it for such a long time without showing signs of aging. It is natural that after some time, the tightness of skin and sharpness of the eyes should start fading and a few wrinkles to appear here and there.

The issue of Gwen Stefani plastic surgery has been on the lips of many people including experts in the medical field. The celebrity is said to have undergone the following procedures.

Nose job

Gwen Stefani nose job before and after

Gwen Stefani nose job before and after

Few celebrities are contented with their appearance and they do all it takes to make things right. Gwen Stefani decided to undergo rhinoplasty so as to change the shape of her nose. Compared to the slimmer appearance that characterizes her nose at present, Gwen Stefani had a wider nose which somehow did not match well with the rest of her facial features. The tip of her nose looks more refined and the bridge narrower.

Many people including her fans are happy with the way things turned out and the transformation that her nose underwent from the initial bulbous shape to the current sharper and pointed nose.

Lip Augmentation

Although some celebrity forums still debate on whether Gwen Stefani indeed went through a lip augmentation, a closer look at her lips reveal some leads. There is a clear difference between how natural lips are and how augmented ones look like. Ever since she was a little girl, Gwen Stefani has had thick lips but the fullness and lusciousness that characterizes her lips at present tell a different story.

Gwen Stefani then and now

Gwen Stefani then and now

Lip surgery makes the lips turgid, fleshy and large. This is due to the injection of fillers that raise the skin and flesh. Looking at Gwen Stefani plastic surgery before and after photos, you will notice the enviable but somewhat unnatural appearance of her lips.

Breast Implants

The drastic change in breast size and appearance that Gwen Stefani underwent could not possibly escape the critique of pundits. Compared to the small size of breasts that she had as she was growing up, it is undeniable that Gwen Stefani plastic surgery is real. Her breasts are rounder and bigger now measuring size 32C from her initial 32B.

Gwen Stefani plastic surgery before and after

Gwen Stefani plastic surgery before and after


All said and done, Gwen Stefani looks sexier now than ever before. Her skin is smooth and devoid of the wrinkles that many people would have expected to see. It can therefore be concluded that Gwen Stefani plastic surgery was a success.

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