Resistance to ageing is common in all women regardless of which race, color and creed they come from, but among the Hollywood girls, this is just a craze. In an attempt to look just as fresh, young, hot and sexy as always in front of camera lens, they go through a number of cosmetic and surgical treatments time to time.

The renowned American model and actress, Halle Berry, did the same last year as she knew that she had crossed fifty and it had become necessary to stop age hitting her further. Halle Berry plastic surgery includes breast implants and nose job apparently while some skin specialists claim that she has gone through face lift also.

Halle Berry’s plastic surgery can be counted among the most successful cases of recent times. Despite this, she is yet reluctant to admit that she has done anything with her body. She claims all the changes to be quite natural and the result of ageing.

Comparing Halle’s current pictures to those of early 2000s, you will see a clear difference in the sizes of her boobs. Earlier, they were small and loose to some extent, but now, they are tight and grown up to 36C. This cannot happen without surgery.

Halle Berry breast implants before and after

Halle Berry breast implants before and after

On the other hand, if you look at her nose, it also seems quite thin and smooth now as it had never been so in the past. This shows that the Academy Award winning stunning actress has got nose job treatment from some professional surgeon.

Apart from boobs and nose, some surgeons also believe that Halle Berry has let knife work over her cheeks, eyes and neck as well. However, this does not seem to be much obvious as her face still wears somewhat natural look.

Though not admitted, Halle Berry seems to be quite satisfied with the changes occurred in her body. These changes have made her more hot and sexy. Despite being in her 60s, she is still sizzling and stunning and nobody can believe her age. Along with surgery, this is also the result of her good diet and regular physical workout.

Halle Berry has made many marks in Hollywood. Along with performing in a number of hit movies, she has worked in various commercials as well.

Halle Berry plastic surgery before and after

Halle Berry plastic surgery before and after

Halle Berry plastic surgery case is a motivating factor for other Hollywood girls who want to keep their youthful appearance all the time. Now, they will also think of going under knife confidently.

Since Halle Berry’s successful boob job and nose job have made her hot and younger once again, she is likely to rule over the hearts and minds of her fans in future. This example will also boost the plastic surgery business across America. It is said that plastic surgery business kept growing despite financial meltdown worldwide. This is due to the widespread craze of looking and living beautiful forever. With each passing day, this tendency is getting stronger both in young and old ladies.

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