Han Hyo-joo proved her acting talent by winning best actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for her film Cold Eyes in 2013. Before this, the young 27 year old South Korean actress has also played lead roles in television dramas Brilliant Legacy as well as Dong Yi.

Right from the start of her active career in 2003 to 2014, Han Hyo has won numerous awards besides receiving many nominations for her commendable work in television series as well as movies including Ad-lib Night, Like Land and Sky, Love 911, etc.

She has also endorsed social campaigns including anti-smoking campaign, save the penguins campaign and ensure traffic order campaign. It is hard to believe that such a dynamic and talented individual will ever go under the knife. Han Hyo joo plastic surgery episode has hit the media headlines and proved us wrong.

Han Hyo-joo denies going under the knife

South Korea is a plastic surgery hub and the celebrities there manage to fix their appearance with cosmetic treatments, almost every single time. So has the unusually beautiful Korean superstar used any kind of enhancements? The reports were rubbished by the actress stating she feels strongly about natural beauty.

Han Hyo Joo plastic surgery before after

Han Hyo Joo plastic surgery before after

She stressed significance of natural beauty and appealed every one of convincing selves that natural is more beautiful. She has an extensive and disciplined exercise regime which she swears by. And guess what, when asked if she will opt for going the plastic way, the actress said that she would preferably opt for exercise.

The South Korean cited that she was very free and easy-going. Her must have beauty item is just BB Cream and her skin is her top priority, given that she is subjected to a lot of close-up shots. She even denied performing any of those long Korean skincare routines. She rather suggested every individual to find their ‘right regimen.’

So as per Han Hyo-joo it is exclusively her good looking genes at play for her stunning gorgeousness. Let us evaluate her photos from the past to have a closer glance on the story.

Han Hyo-joo has allegedly gone for a nose job, jaw line surgery and an eyelid lift

The rumour mills have circulated the actress’s high school photo along with a current one, for convenient evaluation of change in her facial features.

Han Hyo Joo then and now

Han Hyo Joo then and now

There is no significance disparity in her nose, eyelid or jawline. Han Hyo-joo boasts the same beautiful facial arrangement in the same ratio in all the pictures. But what has been argued by many pundits is cosmetic surgeries occur at a very early age in Korea, hence, the Han Hyo-joo’s photos from high school are not sufficient to come to any conclusion.

Have a look at the ‘Han Hyo joo plastic surgery before and after’ photos and judge for yourself. The allegations are a sham and only a rumour mill creation. We have to accept that some people are blessed with beautiful genes and naturally stunning looks. What do you think of Han Hyo-joo’s beauty? Is there a touch of plastic you can make out from her appearance? Let us know your thoughts.

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