Im Yoona has blossomed into a real beauty overnight, some may say. The Im Yoona plastic surgery has been creating a buzz in the Korean entertainment sphere. The talented 24 year old, who is a singer, dancer, actress, and TV presenter, is the newest celebrity under the microscope. This is as the star is being alleged to have had plastic surgery procedures.

Take one look at the star and you may believe that all this beauty is natural. But according to the rumors, she has had some help from plastic surgery. One of the reasons that the Im Yoona plastic surgery rumors are so popular because this star is widely known and adored.

Im Yoona first gained public attention when she became a member of the group, Girls Generation. Not long after that, she made her debut in acting in the TV drama, Two Outs in Ninth Inning. Since then, Im Yoona has made appearances in several dramas including Cinderella Man, Love Rain, Unstoppable Marriage and Prime Minister and I. For her roles in these dramas, the actress has won numerous awards. She has also received several nominations.

Nose Job

Im Yoona nose job

Im Yoona nose job

Im Yoona is rumored to have had plastic surgery on her nose and jaw line. Before and after photographs of the south Korean celebrity confirm and obvious difference in her features. Formerly, the star’s nose had a rounded tip. This is noted in a picture while she was in her teens. Of course, adulthood brings about a lot of changes but this is one change that cannot be attributed to physical maturity. Now, Yoona boasts a smaller, sharper nose with a pinched tip. Many debates have arisen around this specific new feature, with many saying that the star’s new nose now complements her features.

Jaw-line Surgery

It’s not only her nose that has had some plastic surgery. Im Yoona is also rumored to have had the procedure on her jawline. Before and after pictures of the young girl confirm that Im Yoona’s face was rounder when she was younger. Now, her jaw line and even her chin is more defined .

Im Yoona plastic surgery before and after

Im Yoona plastic surgery before and after

One popular Korean plastic surgeon has said that Im Yoona definitely appears to have had some work done of her face to improve her appearance. Even without the expert recognition of the modifications on the star’s face, you don’t need a magnifying glass or spectacles to see that there are some obvious changes in the actress’ face.

If you’ve ever harbored any doubts in your mind regarding Im Yoona’s natural beauty, then those doubts have been confirmed. Whoever performed the procedure, truly did a work of art. Although the changes are not subtle, they have worked to enhance the actress’ features. Yes, no one can deny that Im Yoona is beautiful but one label she can never lay claim to is “natural beauty”. With that being said, the Im Yoona plastic surgery rumors are not going anywhere until the star comes forward to admit or deny the plastic surgery allegations.

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